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Feb 8, 2009 01:42 PM

Il Bagatto - Avoid

I normally only use this great site to boast about restaurants but my experience last night at Il Bagatto warrants deviating from this. We had a 9:15 reservation for a table of 5. I get it, it's New York on a Saturday night, so waiting 30 minutes for a table is somewhat expected. But we did not sit until 11pm AND when someone from my group asked the host/owner at 10 as to when we would be seated, he yelled at her and told her he will seat us when he wants to. This was repeated again at 10:30 when he again yelled at another member of our party when we had the audacity to learn when we would be seated. Then, when we finally got our table, the owner came over with a half order of bruschetta to apologize for the delay. That was beyond insulting. Then, when it was dessert time, we were all excited to try the triple mouse cake we had seen people eat while we waited for almost 2 hours. But of course by this point they had run out of that cake. Finally, our dining experience was over. As we all stood up to put on your jackets, the waitress offered us complimentary dessert drinks. Really?! We had to wait 2 hours for our table, you ran out of dessert and you offer us after diner drinks while we have out coats on in an effort to make things better. Again, totally insulting. While the food is above average, it is certainly not worthy this hassle. The owner needs to learn how to better manage his restaurant. Until he learns how to book his tables, I suggest avoiding this place.

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  1. You wait 45 minutes only to be yelled at by the owner. Thirty minutes later the process is repeated and you still stayed. At this point you knew what you were in for and I think most people would have left. What could the owner have done to make up for yelling at your party twice? Even a completely comped meal would not make up for being yelled at twice. You stayed and got exactly what you deserved.

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      Don't blame the victim! What else is a party of five supposed to do late on a Saturday night, wander around aimlessly?

      1. re: small h

        They were "yelled at" not once but twice by the owner. They knew what they were in for and still stayed. At some point you have to know you are not going to be satisfied with your meal. Saturday night was warm, I would have left and found another place to eat. There are 100's of others restaurant in the neighborhood where you can get a decent meal, even on a Saturday night without being abused by the owner.

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          Supper is right down the block.