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Trendy and high quality Japanese restaurant in London

I'm visiting London with my family this week and am looking for a really nice Japanese restaurant for dinner one night. We are big fans of Yauatcha in London, and in New York we really love Matsugen, Jewel Bako, Sakagura and Ippudo. Budget is not a consideration. Any recommendations?

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  1. I'd go for Roka on Charlotte St - there's a cosy little bar underneath called Shoshu which does great cocktails.

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      1. Soseki http://www.soseki.co.uk/ - under the Gherkin in the City. The atmosphere is lovely (we had a private booth for two) - the food is very good - my husband and I had the 11 course "Haiku" menu and the only bit we didn't love was one of the desserts. There are 50% off deals on the set menu (they only do set menus) at TopTable and at Time Out. It's not "trendy" tho' - it's more "classical" Japanese cuisine.

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          How about Chisou off Regent St or Sake no Hana? There was another place I liked the look of while passing through Mayfair today - I think it was called 'Aveda' - looked nice.

        2. thanks for all the help! will definitely check out roka, zuma, soseki, etc. also thinking about umu so might end up there.

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            yeah, umu is definitely high end and worth checking Very refined, kyoto style kaiseki,,

          2. If you are big fans of Yauatcha what about "Sake No Hana" it is Alan Yau's latest restaurant and is Japanese.

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              I agree with PhilD that Sake No Hana would be a good option and I am pretty sure that Sake No Hana still has 50% off through Top Table which is a great deal. Zuma is also fantastic and very much a "scene" if you are looking for trendy as well.


            2. My favourite Japanese (no expenses spared) place is still Nobu, if you are not restricted on budget. You can't make bookings but there should be tables available or pods at the sushi bar. The taster menu is just incredible and the miso cod is one of my favourite dishes period. Defintely worth a try if you haven't been. Nobu has a cookbook where the photos are more like a work of art - and the food you get is displayed exactly the same way as the cookbook. Just writing about it makes me want to go visit again. Enjoy your time in London.

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                I don't think the food at Nobu is quite what it used to be - too 'celeb' filled these days, a bit style over substance,although I would agree the miso cod is great (by the way you can book)