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Feb 8, 2009 12:51 PM

Friar Tucks Pantry in RR

If your a lover of british pastries and items you need to try this new store in downtown RR.Ive been there several times and they have wonderful homemade pastries such as scones,flap jacks,cakes and great teas and coffee's.they use paradise roasters and they also sell french pressed cofee.they have free wifi along with coaches and tables to sit.the owners ian and debra are great as is the staff.I highly recommend it as its a great place to relax after dinner or just to experience .

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  1. Thanks! Looks intriguing - here's the website in case anyone wants to check them out (very odd placement of the photo on the welcome page, covering up the address), but I plan to visit soon. Says they carry "British Groceries!"

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      Sorry about the photo; I moved it to the bottom so hopefully things will be clearer (I'm no web wizard). Thanks to all for the positive comments and I can confirm that we do indeed carry a very wide range of British groceries; probably the best in Texas. We even have yorkshire pudding mix! Lunches also start tomorrow (19th Feb) so please come and try us out.

    2. Tried Friar Tucks Pantry after we left the Longhorn on Friday night. Had the citrus shortbread cookies. Utterly delicious. Also bought a pound of expresso, not bad but pricey. Another in our party had they chocolate torte. Very rich, not too sweet. Very relaxing atmosphere. Can see me being a regular, especially for my sweet tooth!

      1. I've been making Friar Tuck's Pantry my Saturday hangout for the past 3 weeks...every time I go I continue to be impressed. The owners are great & I've been told Debra starts making the pastries at 4am each morning. Impressive! I've tried the regular shortbread (DELISH!), and the chocolate cake is to die for. I always try a breakfast bread & so far the apricot is my favorite. Tea is served with a tiny shortbread cookie, which is a wonderful touch. Have had the potato leek soup (another favorite) & her carrot corriander soup is amazing. Have liked all of the sandwiches too (egg mayonaise is basically egg salad & super yummy). Don't know how they make their hot chocolate, but it's definately not swiss's a rich, decadent chocolate (get it with the whipped cream-worth the extra cost). Tea shop is in a building rich with history (over 100 years old, used to be the local pharmacy), which just adds to the charm. Couches are comfy & they have magazines & a child's play area...just a neat place. Also, as a new mom, I really appreciate that they have a changing area in the bathroom with complimentary wipes & diapers (Pampers w/ wetness indicator...which is a really great time saver for parents). Love, love, LOVE this place & really hope they make a go of it. Also, they do have British fav so far is the salad cream (very expensive since it's imported) & am having a great time trying all the different British chocolate bars.

        1. i agree as i am a regular and debbie and her staff have a great hangout.i love the flapjacks
          and the caramel shortbread and the carrot and cummin soup rocked,The sandwiches are delicious and the bread is fresh and tasty.The coffee is strong the way i like it and they have great ice teas such as the texas summer tea .I agree the salad dressing is yummy and its imported from the UK.If we get more places like this maybe, Round Rock will be a destination to dine and spend time at.

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            I only get to go there on Saturdays, so would appreciate if you can recommend any of the sandwiches to far have had the waldorf, egg mayo, goat cheese, and the tomato/mozzerella. I keep hoping, esp in this economy, that they'll make a success of it & be around for a long time to come. I'd rather not have to go back to Starbucks!