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Feb 8, 2009 12:08 PM

Back to Basics: Best Black and White Cookie

Ok, indulge me all you CH folks. I just had to rave about the BEST Black and White Cookie I had today in a long long time. It was from GEMS Bagels in Hazlet on Union Ave. Cake perfectly moist and not too thick, with real chocolate and vanilla GLAZE not frosting like many many imposters. Ive always enjoyed this childhood favorite but could really never find a good one since I was in Lancaster PA a few years ago. Cheers to GEMS for their bagels too...nice chewy crust and moist dense inside. Now...Im looking for crumbcake...any suggestions?

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  1. My recent favorite is Entemanns B&W...Moist, perfect icing, ..Sold at supermarkets and QuickCheck in Central NJ.... I eat the white first....

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