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Feb 8, 2009 11:27 AM

Recommendations near St. George Theater (Staten Island)

Looking for someplace for dinner before a show at the St. George Theater. Any ideas for someplace very close by so we can just park and eat and then walk over to the theater? Proximity is the biggest concern; any kind of food is fine. We are completely unfamliar with the area.


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  1. Enoteca Maria, which is a sort of expensive but good Italian restaurant, is right next to the theater.

    1. Also Beso, a bar and tapas place, on Schuyler St., about a 2-block walk. I've only had a couple of light plates at the bar there, however.

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        I forgot about this place. Good sangria, and there was a penne dish with an avocado cream sauce that I'd recommend.

      2. Olive
        Beso is really good but if you're going to a show since you aren't familiar with the nabe and it's still cold and gets dark early, Enoteca Maria is your best bet. The food is never boring and after the show, you'll be happy your car is close by. If you can, on show nights, be sure to make a res. Have a great time! :-}