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Vanilla Bean - What to make

He proudly presented me with the Costco pack of vanilla beans accompanied by "look what I got for you - what will you make?"

So I need some help here - I'd appreciate your best ideas for using up lots of vanilla beans. Thanks!

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  1. Scrape out the seeds, and add them to a teriyaki. Great for a glaze for fish, chix (i like it on wings.) I think this would generally be called "polynesian teriyaki."

    Of course - ice cream and - your other general "custards" group:
    flan, bread pudding, creme brulee.

      1. Other than what's already been mentioned: vanilla infused vodka, vanilla extract and vanilla sugar.

          1. Pudding! Tapioca pudding. The creamy fish-eye glob of dairy goodness looks even more luxurious with flecks of vanilla bean. Mmm... Sometimes I sub half the milk with coconut milk.

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              I don't suppose you'd share your Tapioca pudding recipe? My Mom always used the instant stuff, I'd love a good solid recipe. TIA :)

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                I suppose I would, especially since it's not my recipe:

                I don't sweat the organic milk; I just use plain 'ol iodized salt; I usually only have large eggs around so I use the yolks from 2-3 of those. And with coconut milk I use the thick part at the top of the can, and the rest from the cow. I get my tapioca pearls from the Asian grocery store... The stirring, stirring, stirring that this recipe demands can be quite soothing.

            2. Custard

              Angel food cake

              Creme brulee

              Poaching liquid for pears

              1. add one to the canister in which you store your sugar.

                Voila! "Instant" Vanilla sugar!!

                It will last about a year.

                1. You are awesome -thanks so much for the suggestions. I must say that I love tapioca but he doesn't - but if I made it with coconut milk he might just be won over. Then there is the white chocolate risotto recipe calling my name. The good thing is that I have enough vanilla to try a little of each!

                  1. last year i was doing a lot of experimenting with vanilla in savory foods. it really works in complex asian-ish dishes, adds a nice floral bottom note to anything with spice