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Feb 8, 2009 11:00 AM

gorgeous george's in greenwood

has anyone eaten here? drove past a few times and am looking for any insight. also, any other recs in the neighborhood? thanks

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  1. Gorgeous George's is a nice neighborhood type of place, but not something I'd go out of my way for. Chicken kabobs are quite good - meat is nice and moist. The shwarma is not so good though. Portions are large, prices are affordable, service friendly.

    1. Or get the chicken kabobs to go. Feeds two. Call ahead, as it's not "fast" food. Or make your order and do an errand close by. Friendly, tasty, a neighborhood place of merit.

      1. Great for take out, I second the kebobs, they also used to have a mixed hummus platter that was good. We've eaten there a few times and left both times just feeling odd about the place. the owner is really nice, but he kinda watches you over your shoulder the entire time you are eating, no matter how busy.

        1. I love Gorgeous George's, but I too primarly order it as takeout. The chicken kebabs (Shish Tawook - don't know if that's spelled right) are amazing, as is the hummus, greek salad, and some of the other kebabs. I would definitely recommend getting food from there, but if you stop by and the ambience isn't for you absolutely get takeout. It's delicious.

          As for other recs in the neighborhood....I have enjoyed Kabab House a few times. I also like La Botana (cheap fast tacos, etc). There have been a number of new places that have opened since I've moved to a different hood, so I don't have the most up-to-date opinion. If you're looking for a nicer spot, Stumbling Goat is pretty good, as is Carmelita. Of course Red Mill is delicious for a weeknight dinner, and I've had some great soup from Picnic (and they have excellent wine choices). Chupacabra isn't amazing, but it's pretty decent and a nice place to grab a drink and a casual/cheap meal.