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Feb 8, 2009 10:58 AM

So sad about Clem and Ursie's! - moved from Boston board

Yesterday the Globe had an article about Clem and Ursie's, a tremendous restaurant in Provincetown. Apparently it's closing! It's true that the last time I was there, last spring, the food was not as good as it had been in year past. But still. . . . I'm really sad. The food was really well-prepared -- fresh, well-selected, nicely presented . . . Where else can one get great food in P-town, off-season (i.e. in April?)

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    1. Ross's Grill and the Mews are both open. This year everyone down there is having a hard time staying open year round. Some places have a liquor license that calls for them to be open year round.

      We stopped going to Clem and Ursies about three years ago when the downhill slide began and Connie's Bakery moved out. We realized we were actually going there for Connies.

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          The Mews is on the East End and Ross' is at the end of Whaler Wharf in the center of town.

          Other folks here have recommended Fanizzis. We didn't love it but others do. East End and open year round.

            1. re: BostonZest

              We love it. Also they have parking!