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Feb 8, 2009 10:31 AM

Gluten-free pizza - Stone Hearth in Cambridge

i just wanted to put a plug out there for the gluten-free pizza at stone hearth in cambridge.

i am an adventuresome eater, but one of those celiacs who believe that certain things were just not meant to be gluten-free... pizza being one of them. some things just cease to be what you say they are if you try to make them without flour.

for this reason i was deeply skeptical about stone hearth's new gluten free menu, particularly since the reviews have been mixed out there for the place in general, see:

BUT - my roommate talked me into it and i was very, very pleasantly surprised. it may be that it's been so long that i forgot what a pizza was supposed to taste like, but who cares - i'm all about a placebo effect. for those gluten-free people who just want a nice thin crust slice of pie that is recognizable as such, i highly recommend it.

we tried the margherita and the "farm fresh". the margherita was less exciting, if i got it again i would ask for extra cheese and more basil. but the farm fresh was actually quite good - a flavorful mix of roasted tomatoes and peppers, olives, artichoke hearts, etc.

we happen to live right around the corner, so the pizza survived the take-out (though if you have far to go i would recommend just eating in). they carry green's belgian style gluten-free beer at downtown liquors in davis square (i can't choke down the other varieties of GF beer - too sweet, not beer), so we picked up a six-pack of that and had my first pizza and beer night in many years. extremely, extremely satisfying.

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  1. Since we're on the subject of gluten free, try the Basil Tree in Medford Square. I had a catered meal from them recently, quite good. Don't know if they do take-out or sit-down or what .

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      Sorry -- my error -- I mean Magoun Square, in Somerville.

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        I'm pretty sure Basil Tree is strictly catering, unfortunately.

    2. Sounds great. And let me throw in that Zing Pizza (right near the Dunkin Donuts in Porter Square) is also doing gluten-free pizza, with a rotating selection of toppings. My GF wife rated it well above several other GF pizzas we've encountered. It reheated especially well.