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Feb 8, 2009 10:10 AM

cafe belo everett ma

hey everybody ,i went to cafe belo in everett last night great food all you can eat for about $ 8.50 love the beef and chicken ,service was really good love to know what others think of cafe belo and also sal abraza around the corner???? HAVE A GREAT DAY

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  1. I haven't been the one in Everett but I LOVE the cafe belo in Somerville, on Washington Street, just outside of Union Square. Really tasty, fresh, well-made, friendly staff, tablecloths -- what's not to like! Plus try the passion fruit mousse for dessert!

    1. Where in Everett is Cafe Belo located?

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        cafe belo is located at 158 school st in everett square off broadway opposite Everett co op bank Sommervilleoldtimer you have to check it out its a HUGE IMPROVEMENT on somerville and tell me what you think The brazilian desserts are SOOOO GOOD

      2. Cafe Belo in everett was closed today due to non-compliance with MGL - Some problem related to workers compensation law...too bad. A friend of mine saw an official warning sticker on the door.

        1. We like Sal y Brasa, but haven't tried Cafe Belo. What I really love, though , are the Brazilian sandwiches at Broadway Cafe. The X-Chicken and the X-Salad are my favorites.

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            BTW Sal e Brasa was sold more than a year ago and has been called Brazilian Country (with a rodeo/country/cowboy theme and skantily clad waitresses) since then. As far as the Everett Cafe Belo they alleged to the newspaper that it was a simple paperwork mistake regarding proof that they had workers comp insurance and that they are going through the bureaucracy of proving that and reopening. A local Brazilian paper allegedly confirmed that it was insurance related with a state agency.

            The prato fixo at Broadway Cafe are quite good and worth checking out for simple fried meat (such as steak with onions), egg, rice, beans. Cake and CIA on Main does a good PF too.

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              I have found that the buffet offerings and quality of meat has gone up quite a bit under the new ownership at the sal e braza location. Have not been to cafe belo so I can't attest to which is better.