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Feb 8, 2009 10:02 AM

Restaurant w/room for private party for 13-year olds ...

I am helping a friend look for a place to hold a bar mitzvah party for 30 13-year olds (no parents) in a restaurant or some other venue where they would have food other than pizza. I checked Zagat for "private rooms" and it lists things like Nobu & Tavern on the Green (out of the price range!).

Anyone know of a place in Manhattan that would fit the bill? Some place casual, someone recommended SeƱor Swanky's on the Upper West Side ... anyone know of other places that could hold a party like that?

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  1. I assume Chinese food is out? Because if it isn't, places like Congee Village come into play.

    1. Sambucca on West 79th has a private room which is just the right size. Family style Italian and resonable.

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        these are both great suggestions!!!! Thank you!!! And if you have any other ideas, I'll still welcome them ......

      2. Um, I think the UWS Shake Shack rents the downstairs room out for private events. That would definitely be my pick!

        I was also recently at Jane downtown and was surprised to discover that they also appear to have a room downstairs...might be worth checking out.

        1. More thoughts....the side room at City Grill on Columbus and 78th I was there once for a bridal shower and the food is pretty good for what you might expect.
          ...the downstairs room at Buena Serra Amsterdam and 79th and I don't know which one, but one of the Sushi Restauarnts in the 80's on the west side has a downstairs room as well .

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            Cowgirl on hudson st. has parties. Tribeca Cinemas does birthday parties and would put the birthday kid's name on the marquis. They could even do a movie screening of your choice. And customize the menu in one of their private rooms. . Takahachi sushi bar has a back room that wouldl hold 30 but a little tight. Ruby Foo;s isnt private really but ive seen birthday parties there ,the space is huge, kids like the food.