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Feb 8, 2009 09:55 AM

La Fontaine de Mars

Has anyone been here? Will be staying in the Rue de cler area. Thanks for any reviews.

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  1. did you search the board for this restaurant? i think there was just recently a long thread about it

    1. it's been awhile but loved this bistro..had a wonderul plats du jour and around 25 euro pp.
      love the 7th district and can also recommend Le Florimond across from the metro..this is one of my fav places..rue cler market is lovely and make sure you try the crepes.
      Great cheese shop on avenue bosquet and a great marche too.

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        A bit more upscale in price & quality is Leo le Lion, D'Chez Eux and Clos des Gourmets. The Constant foursome is also worth a visit, depending on your preferences. You won't go wrong with any of these choices.

      2. It's the ultimate Paris traditional bistrot, nice terrase, setting and excellent, textbook food. It might be a bit expensive for what it is, but reliability comes at a price. It's also open everyday.