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Feb 8, 2009 09:25 AM


Cheerios, Uncle Sam and McCann’s steel-cut oats are some of the best foods on earth IMO. With that quality in mind I ask, “Where can I find the goodness and flavor of oats in the L.A Area?” Breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

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    1. John O'Groat's makes steel cut oatmeal, but, in my opinion, they're best when you make them yourself: .

      John O'Groats
      10516 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

      1. Trader Joes sells them for a reasonable price. Try them with some peanut butter for breakfast, very tasty. An egg poached on top is also fun. Or you can go the bannana, fruit or raisin route with accompanying sweeteners. Henrys Markets has them in bulk, I believe.

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          Whole Foods has them in bulk for sure; they were up to $1.99/lb the last time I bought them - this was last year. Stopped because Mrs. O got burned out on oats every day; when she once again shows interest we'll try every third day...because I do miss them, and making them for one is just silly.

        2. Coach's Oats oatmeal was a big thing here in OC a while back. Seems to me I saw them available (on the menu) at the Polly's Pies in Los Alamitos. Since Polly's is a chain, other locations might also offer them. If you want to cook them yourself, try the health food and specialty stores.

          If you're willing to try something really different, but delicious (IMHO), Katella Deli serves a Kishke (spelling? Pronounced like kish'-ka) plate that is made from a grain (buckwheat, I think) seasoned and stuffed into a casing, like a sausage, but without the fattiness. It's served with a delicious gravy (Yum yum yum!). Not quite like oats but very good. I don't know whether it's all vegetarian or not, tastes meaty. The first time I asked about it, the waiter brought me a small sample to try. Ask for a sample if you're not sure you'd like it. Reason - the servings at Katella are very generous on most of their items. You will have plenty of kishke to eat there and probably some left-over to bring home (and at Katella, a lot of folks need a left-over box). You can also get it to go in the deli - be sure to get some gravy too. It's very filling, and it's great re-heated at home.

          1. Saw Coaches Oatmeal at Costco and also at Pollys Pies. With steel cut oats, the simple way to make them is just to dump 'em in a pot with water at night, cover 'em, and in the morning cook 'em for maybe 5 - 10 minutes. Good steel cut outs have a flavor to them. You can also toast them by putting them on a baking sheet (this includes rolled oats) for maybe ten minutes at 350 degrees in the oven. The gummy overcooked rolled oats have given that breakfast food a bad name. And don't forget they really do reduce cholesterol.

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              Fresh and Easy Steel Cut oats really taste good, even better when toasted by putting them in a dry fry pan for a few minutes on high. Then cooking them.