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Feb 8, 2009 09:17 AM

Any local San Diego Seafood?

Is there any true local San Diego seafood anymore?

It's no secret most of the seafood in our restaurants comes through one packer. And it's no secret that the tuna fleet is mostly gone. But does anyone know of a true local seafood product? Caught by local fisherpeople on local boats and brought in unfrozen to market/restaurant fresh?

What and where?


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  1. Uni, of course - about the best in the world.

    In the past, I have had local halibut and during some seasons even swordfish. Isn't the stuff called yellowtail in some of the fishmarkets local as well?

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    1. re: Ed Dibble

      I know yellowtail and albacore is caught locally- I've caught some myself, but does that fish end up available at fish mongers or restaurants, or just hobby anglers?

      And lobster- forgot about the lobster.

    2. Sea Rocket Bistro serves local fish bought direct from local fisherman, including sea urchin, sardines, scallops, spiny lobster, and 'market fish' which lately has been swordfish, mahi mahi or halibut. Also bivalves from Carlsbad. Sometimes the fish are from Baja California. They source everything from as close as possible. One of my favorites.

      1. Local halibut, sea bass, lobster, sea urchin, yellowtail, swordfish caught by his own people and served at Rimels and Zenbu in La Jolla. Also same fish available (depending on the catch of the season) for take home cooking or simply grilled at El Pescador.

        1. Roseville also uses local.

          1. El Pescador for local lobster, pacific halibut PL Seafoods, swordfish and as far as pacific ocean ahi tuna.