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Feb 8, 2009 08:37 AM

Crab restaurant in Half Moon Bay?

Hi all:

We are heading down to Half Moon Bay midweek to go horseback riding for my birthday. Now, I usually always get the live crab at the docks and cook them at home. But the BF and other friends paled at the thought of live crabs clawing inside a pot of boiling water, so I figured it might be better if we just order crab at a restaurant. Anyone have a suggestion for a good place to have crab in Half moon bay? The large and fresh, crack it yourself kind ?

I searched the forums, but was only able to pull up posts about luna park and getting crab the docks.


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  1. Barbara's Fish Trap in Half Moon Bay is a popular spot for seafood. It is known for its fish & chips. I don't know if they serve cracked crab. You might want to give them a call.

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      Ketch Joanne in Princeton Harbor lists cracked crab (cold) whole or half, in the appetizer section of their menu:

      I've eaten and enjoyed my meals at Ketch Joanne but I've never had the cracked crab. I would think, however, that it would be very fresh and good.

      Ketch Joanne
      Princeton CA, Princeton, CA

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        When I ate at BFT a couple weeks ago, they had cracked crab for ~$24.95.

        1. re: baron45

          Yes, they did - when I was there on a Saturday they had sold out of it too.

      2. You might consider Crab Landing, the newish restaurant at Princeton Harbor, up from Barbara's Fish Trap (which I don't recommend).