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Max the best lasagna?

Everyone raves about their lasagna. Is it still the best in the city? I love lasagna but prefer mine without meat just tons of ooey gooey mozzarella, ricotta, sauce, and layers of that beautiful lasagna. I would try a lasagna with meat just NO SAUSAGE as I am not a sausage lover or liker lol for that matter. I heard Insiemes is good too, but that is spinach rendition with meat.

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  1. If you want to try a meatless version, I really like the mushroon lasagna at Gramercy tavern. It's vegetarian, but it is still very hearty and filling.

    I have a picture attached.

    (p.s. I do like the lasagna at Insieme)

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      Wow that looks awesome. But like I said I am looking for the good old fashioned one in marinara sauce.

    2. Insieme's Lasagna verde Bolognese is my favorite. It's just so well balanced, sooo tasty.

      1. If I understand the post , it says the restaurant named Max has is noted for good lasagna. If i understand that correctly i have to say IMHO Max is a bargain but I would not eat their if it was free. Everything is horrible their ,i even couldnt eat their spinach.
        I think Ennio and Michael's has the best lasagna, it used to be made one day a year, on Easter Sunday. Now they have it weekly. Its just like homemade.

        1. I like Peasant's lasagna. Le Zie also makes a good one.

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            I have been meaning to go to Peasant. However, I think they put goat in their lasagna. Def would try it. But I would rather have their meat dishes (bistecca fiorentina, porchetta, quail, agnello).

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              yep--it's a goat lasagna. It's not gamey or too distinctly goat-y, though.

          2. I've had three memorable renditions of lasagna recently, all in the village - these are places that I didn't expect anything special:

            i Tre Merli (w.10th & w.4th)
            Trattoria Spaghetto (Bleecker & Carmine)
            Villa Dela Pace (e.7th st & 2nd ave)

            1. Both Bar Pitti and Le Zie have delicious, authentic lasagne. It's only about an inch thick and it's definitely like you get in Bologna, not in Little Italy. I can't remember whether it's on the menu at either restaurant or whether it's a special, but it is very special.

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                Cool Ill have to check the reviews out on those. Keep the recs coming baby.

              2. It's not a red sauce lasagna, but we had a rabbit lasagna with some sort of bechamel sauce at Bacaro that was so good I made an absolute fool of myself trying to scrape the last bits up out of the pan. It was very ooey gooey -- and if you're worried about the rabbit, you'd hardly know it was there under all the delicious sauce. The portions there are pretty small though, so it's more of a lasagna snack.