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Feb 8, 2009 07:28 AM

Best Cookies in NYC??

Looking for the best chocolate chip cookies in nyc, and only from a bakery. I need help!!! Thanks

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  1. What is your prefererred type? ie thin/thick, crispy/chewy...

    Levain bakery has my personal faves - always moist, crispy outside and tender with a slight chew inside...and plenty of melty pockets of chocolate. It's on the UWS - W 74th I think.

    It sounds like you're getting these as a gift- be sure to get one warm to eat on the spot. Heaven.

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      In addition to Levain, there's Dessert Delivery.
      I think this topic was recently discussed, btw.

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        +1 on Levain, 74th on the north side just a tiny bit east of Amsterdam. It's under the waxing salon.

      2. City Bakery's double chocolate cookies are to die for.

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        1. My favorites are at City Bakery. I also love Levain, Jacques Torres, and Momofuku Milk Bar. You may want to do a search as this comes up fairly often.