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Feb 8, 2009 07:22 AM

Restaurant Picks for Geneva, IL

My sister and I are taking our mom to Geneva for a spa weekend for her birthday and are looking for restaurant ideas for dinner. Something nice, not too casual but not super fancy either. Any type of cuisine except asian. Any suggestions?

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    1. Just to update the links that nsxtasy provided here, Isabella's closed in early January. A few to add, Atwaters in the Herrington Inn offers seasonal fare much like Niche. In a more casual setting, we have been returning to Citizen Kane under the old Geneva Theater marque. It's basically pub grub but they have a chef that brings it up notches. The avocado jalepeno soup started out as a special but is now a regular item and stellar. So is the potato soup, there are usually 3 different ones. Everything is home made, the Reuben is big chunks of tender corned beef but there are surprises on the menu with quiches, polenta cakes and ever changing specials. Don't be turned off by the bar atmosphere.

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        I'd like to second Citizen Kane, which LikestoEatout recommended to me months ago. I have now been there about 3 times in 2 months. And not only don't be turned off by the bar atmosphere, same with the exterior. We stared at the front for several minutes, and almost went someplace else. Glad we didn't!!!