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Feb 8, 2009 06:57 AM

Another two bite the dust

Both Brew Moon and Nicks Fishmarket closed in the past couple of weeks. Not a terrible loss in the culinary sense, but always sad to see businesses fail, people loose jobs.

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  1. Never made it to Brew Moon, but was disappointed with Nick's some years back. Still, many really liked it - bad night?

    You are so right about restaurants closing, especially in a resort setting.

    In general, how is the dining scene on O`ahu faring? We're planning an upcoming trip, and we'll do our best to see that some get "healthy."


    1. KM--

      Nick's was on my list of "Honolulu Has-Beens" a while back. See this link:

      I too hope that the good places find a way to weather this economic storm. But those that don't deserve to survive won't. My jaw still drops at places that can't understand the importance of top-notch customer service...there's no room for error right now.

      1. I had not been to Nicks in years and years either, pretty much no one had apparently. While a few restaurants can make it purely on tourist trade, most of them need some level of local support, something Nicks didn't have. In the case of Brew Moon, it was quite a sudden thing. At the end of the lunch shift the employees were told that they could go home, and the dinner crew was called and told not to come in.

        In general Honolulu's dining scene has been doing better than you might expect, but no one really knows how long that will last. Tourism being such a driving force, it can really skew the market. The vast majority of people who were planning to come over the holidays already had their reservations (and payments) made when the bottom fell out of the market, so they mostly just went ahead and had "a last fling". Now that the holidays are over things are looking somewhat bleaker. Unemployment has increased some, but underemployment has shot up, lots of people on reduced hours.

        Like much of the rest of the world we are sitting here with our fingers crossed.

        1. I also hadn't been to Nick's for many years. Sad to see it go though, it was one of the last of its kind along with the Maile Room at the Kahala Hilton, 3rd Floor at the Regent, Bagwell's at the Hyatt and Michel's way back when. All dress up, special occasion places I used to go in the 70's and 80's.