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StL. New restaurant Highlander Pub

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Have gone there twice. It's on Oakland by the Hampton Inn. Great food!

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  1. On another forum, it says these are the original owners of Corwynns<sp?>


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      Although I am wondering if you already know that Marymac...

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        No, FOTD, I sure didn't, but I do recommend it.

        1. re: marymac

          So tell us about what you ate there please?


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            T he first time I went I had cod. Very fresh and with just the right amount of coating. Dellish! Last week I had the half sandwich and salad. They have a selection of sandwich fillings to choose from and I got chicken salad. Large portions and nicely presented.

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              They also have dinner items, but I've only been there for lunch.

    2. Two recommendations in two days. You must REALLY love this psuedo scottish/english in-name-only, sports bar.

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        And you must REALLY love being rude.