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Feb 8, 2009 06:43 AM

Lancaster County-Landisville-Black Knight Inn

Last night we ventured to the Black Knight Inn on Harrisburg Pike in Landisville. We had heard good things and wanted to check it out. The restaurant is in a large old brick house with all the charm that goes along with that. The bar area had lovely tile floors, and the dining area had exposed brick walls. The beer list was decent, but not amazing, with fairly standard choices and a few unusual picks. The menu had many yummy choices, with several appetizers that would have made for a light meal, lots of pizza combos, about 10 different salads, many sandwich offerings and a nice long list of entrees. They offer mini slider burgers and pulled pork BBQ sliders. Hubby asked nicely, and they were willing to do a combo of three and three. These were served with fries and a pickle for $6.95. It was more than he could eat, and he pronounced them "gooooood!" I went with the catch of the day special. That night it was a crab cake, a piece of grouper and 8 butterflied shrimp. This was served with risotto, veg of the day and choice of soup or salad, and it was only $14.50! My food was yummy and I had to box up a good bit of it to take home for lunch today. We had started the meal with the smoked provolone wedges, which was deep fried and was so yummy. I loved the smoky flavor. On Saturday night they were offering $3 Sam Adams pints, so we enjoyed sipping them, too. Our server was quick and professional, and the bartender was knowledgeable. Overall, this was a great experience and we will be going back soon! There is a patio that looked nice, but since it's February, it wasn't open.

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  1. Is this a place to take the kids? Or is it too much of a "bar" atmosphere to be child friendly.

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      We ate in the bar side and there was one family with kids. I think it's too loud for kids on that side, and all the tables on the bar side are high tops with tall stools. On the other side of the building was a more "restaurant" area with families and regular height tables. I think you would be fine if you requested the left side of the building, not the bar area. I think they may have a kids menu, but since it was just hubby and I, we didn't really look at that.

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        Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know.