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Feb 8, 2009 05:24 AM

Southern NJ liquor store selling Junipero gin?

Hi - does anyone know of any SNJ liquor stores that sell Anchor Brewing Co's Junipero gin? Thanks.

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  1. Anchor's website lists 2 NJ distributors for "Spirits" (tho' both are located in North Jersey). A phone call to them might turn up some retail customers of their's nearby who carry the Anchor products. Some wholesalers are decidedly "consumer unfriendly" so, alternately, you could ask your local liquor stores if they deal with either of the listed Anchor "spirit" distributors and maybe they'll order it for you.

    Unlike the liquors made by Dogfish Head and Rogue, I've never seen the Anchor products in NJ, but that may only be because many stores stock the former brands on the shelf along side the craft beers from those breweries, rather than in correct liquor section.

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      Thanks for this info - and good suggestion!

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        hello smn....Have you tried #209 gin at all? From a small still in San Francisco. Very very tasty.

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          I have not, but will have to do so! thanks for the tip. FYI - found Junipero at Canal's in Burlington, NJ.