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Feb 8, 2009 04:32 AM

places in/around the Sheraton

Will be checking in late at the Sheraton (7ish) and wanted to grab something to eat. Tried the resto in the bldg and was very dissapointed. (the one off the lobby on the mainfloor by the escalators).
Any suggestions in/around. (Grillhouse or such with a variety of foods, not ethnic necessarily. We'll be a group of 10). Don't mind walking but not more than 5 mins. Not overly expensive either.

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  1. The York Street Keg (165 York) and Ematei (Japanese cuisine - 30 St Patrick) are both walking distant, and should meet your criterias. Ematei's strength is their cooked items (sushi is just average). The Keg is one of the better franchise locations in Toronto.

    1. There's an old school Italian opposite called (I think) Anthonys- its pretty good.

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        1. re: Wiley

          Little Anthony's is one of those places best avoided: not inexpensive, undistinguished and not even delicious old school red sauce Italian - just bland bland bland and a bit of everything without much atmosphere or any distinct characteristics. I'd take the Keg any day.

          1. re: Bigtigger

            Beg to differ- the spaghetti bolognese is pretty good, and it seems quite reasonable price wise to me. Keg meanwhile is one of the worst steak places I have ever encountered!

            Do you work there, Bigtigger?

        1. re: IMEC

          According to the website, Nota Bene is closed Sunday.

          1. re: ChalkBoy

            Little Anthnoy's is a great little spot for a quick meal with great service at resonable prices, I been there a few times before the opera. The Keg is probably the last place in that area i would eat at I find the food and service very very slow there.