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Feb 7, 2009 08:44 PM

A great breakfast place in Ventura/Oxnard area?

Looking for a great breakfast place in Ventura/Oxnard area. Heard there was one that won honors from Esquire magazine???

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  1. Mrs Olsens..I was just looking at the local news out here in Simi Valley and saw the article. Look carefully and you will get tips for more places too.

    1. Mrs. Olsen's has attractive waitresses and is a stone's throw from the beach (though no views).

      Pete's in Ventura has very good breakfast, and very nice, if bit crunchy, staff. So, definitely, Pete's. Vegetable frittata, peach waffles, etc.

        1. Best breakfast I ever had in Ventura was a fundraiser pancake breakfast in the parish hall at the Mission. Ms. Dr. Oz and I went to Ventura early one chilly morning because we thought an event was going on at the fairgrounds -- and one was, but not the one we thought would be there (and not one we had any interest in). So we drove up to Main St. to get a bite to eat, and saw signs posted on phone poles for the pancake breakfast. How could we pass that up? It wasn't so much that it was a great breakfast (what you would expect: OJ, pancakes, sausages, coffee -- all OK, nothing wonderful), but the opportunity to sit down at long tables with local folks we didn't know, get acquainted, and just enjoy the community. It was a Calvin Trillin-like moment, and I would not have missed it for the world.

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            Mrs Olsen's is ok- I would personally reccomend Jetty Surf Cafe, just accross the harbor from Mrs. Olsens.

            If you go there, I cannot reccomend their french toast highly enough- it is made with deep fried hawaiian sweetbread. Very decadent, but very good. They also have some great teriyaki chicken- one of my fave breakfasts there is the eggs wtih toast and teriyaki chicken.

            My consistent go-to sandwich is their bagel sandwich- I think it is called "The Wedge".

            Jetty Surf Cafe
            2323 Roosevelt Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93035

          2. Tomas' Cafe on A Street in downtown Oxnard is very good. It's a cute family run place, and everything is fresh and homemade. Tomas' has a diverse clientele, which in Oxnard is a breath of fresh air. Breakfasts and lunches are both tasty. (salads can be hit and miss depending on the day). Their huevos rancheros are delicious, as are the omelets and baked breakfast goods. They also do all kinds of coffee drinks, from espresso to cafe cubano. In Ventura, there is a place on Main called Pete's, also family run, also homemade. It's very cute and is in an old California style cottage. More beachy than Tomas', which is definitely a slice of the downtown Oxnard life. Pete does homemade cinnamon rolls, excellent omelets, fabulous huevos rancheros, and moist flavorful frijoles. Coffee drinks, mimosas as well. Diverse crowd.

            Tomas' Cafe
            622 S. A St. Oxnard

            2055 E Main Ventura