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Feb 7, 2009 06:51 PM

Ba Bao Zhou

I was at an asian market today and bought several interesting items. I have no idea what a few of the things I bought are, but I thought I'd google them and find out. One thing I can't find a clear description of, or directions for, is ba bao zhou. Can anyone help? Thanks! Also, I expect to go back again next week, since I had such a good time wandering the aisles. Is there anything you recommend I try? It's a full size supermarket in Philly, called HK Supermarket. Everything from fresh seafood to fresh noodles and dumplings. Since I don't speak or read Chinese or Vietnamese, I had no idea what I was looking at...and the pictures on the package didn't always help.

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  1. Eight treasure congee - just boil it with a lot of water, more than double the amount you would use with regular rice, then simmer until creamy. You may need to add more water, . (The kind sold in packages is usually sweet with different types of rice, beans, dried fruits - eight kinds of things in total.) It is supposed to make a sweetish, thin porridge that you eat for breakfast or a snack. People buy it in cups with big straws here for breakfast.

    1. I've always seen ba bao zhou in the canned form. I didn't know you could buy it in dried packs. I hope it was enjoyable!

      1. Here's a traditional recipe for Ba Bao Zhou:

        3 cups wild rice
        1/4 cup long grain sticky rice (or glutinous rice)
        1/8 cup barley
        1/8 cup red beans
        1/8 cup red dates
        1/4 cup dried lotus seeds
        1/8 cup mung beans
        1/8 cup dried longan
        2 cups of water
        *(optional) rock sugar

        Soak all ingredients in water overnight (except for the longan). Then combine all ingredients, bring to a boil, then simmer on a gentle boil for about 1 hour (adding water as necessary), and adding rock sugar to taste. After 1 hour, turn off heat, leave covered for another hour. Serve.