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Feb 7, 2009 06:15 PM

Coolest looking bar in Philly is....

What is the most classic, old school bar in Philadelphia? Looking for the actual structure of the bar itself. Think brass rail, dark wood, etc.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Khyber. Beautiful old bar. Good pints to go with it.

      1. though the food here is total ehhhhhhhh, liberties bar at 2nd and fairmount is BEAUTIFUL. old-school bar with all the wood and brass details, fireplaces, creaky booths and all. we watched all the eagles games here this past season.

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          I agree that the Liberties bar is gorgeous but the food is bla and the cocktails can be crummy. Stick to beer.

          I think Southwark has an attractive bar. Wood, glass, and classy flower arrangements.

          Another old school bar is Kellianns.

        2. liberties is definitely nice looking, and i would also recommend prohibition taproom's bar. it has two peninsulas that jut out perpindicularly to the main bar which is great for gabbign with friends and sliding around drinks. the bar is old too as i understand, and the new owners added some great, simple filament lighbulbs around the place which helps with the old vibe.

          also, royal tavern's bar is pretty nice looking, but the people there are kind of meh.

          1. Sassafras, Southwark, Cherry Street Tavern, Standard Tap