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Feb 7, 2009 04:30 PM

Favorite The Office food moments

Kind of like the Seinfield thread...

I am laid up sick on the couch today and have been watching episodes of this season's The Office. In light of the recent hair net thread, the Christmas episode where Angela is forced to wear a hair net cracked me up. There was another episode where Dwight and Michael were on their way to snoop on another paper company and got into a fight over IHOP and Denny's. Funny stuff!!

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  1. Jim and Pam's first 'date' on the roof with the grilled cheese sandwiches comes to mind first.

    1. Jim encasing Dwight's stapler in Jello is a favorite of mine.

      Not that we've recreated that moment in my office, or anything like that. Nooooo.

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      1. re: Suzy Q

        Absolutely with you on the jello prank. So brilliant in its simplicity. And one of those jokes that is miraculously just as funny in the remake as in the original.

        "He's put my stapler in jelly again."

      2. The "ethics" episode where Holly, Toby's HR replacement, and Michael go to a seafood restaurant that's shaped like a lighthouse. Getting lobster at a Scranton seafood place cracked me up.

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        1. re: three of us

          ...and Michael has a glass of red wine next to his big platter o' lobster.

          1. re: Brennius

            Oh, yes! You've a sharp eye for the details.

          2. re: three of us

            I love how he tosses out her lunch and then says that they'll go dutch "of course"

          3. The episode at Benihana. They pick up the 2 girls, and bring them back to the Christmas party. Michael "marks" one of the girls to tell them apart.

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            1. re: catrn

              Oh yes! They pick up the waitresses. Classic.

              My fave is when Michael is in NYC. He raves to the camera about how he's going to take in all the local specialties for which NY is famous. Then he heads into a Sbarro's.

              1. re: catrn

                As Michael says, Benihana is the Asian Hooters

              2. The Dundies award ceremony at Chilis is a good one. Another is when they kidnap the pizza delivery guy.

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                1. re: pumpkinweed

                  I was gonna say the kidnapping of the pizza guy. Effing hilarious

                  1. re: pumpkinweed

                    That reminds me of when he first hooks up with Jan- they take a client to Chilis and get totally rocked.

                    1. re: pumpkinweed

                      i totally refer to "second drink" now because of the dundies/chlis episode now!
                      love it.