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Favorite The Office food moments

Kind of like the Seinfield thread...

I am laid up sick on the couch today and have been watching episodes of this season's The Office. In light of the recent hair net thread, the Christmas episode where Angela is forced to wear a hair net cracked me up. There was another episode where Dwight and Michael were on their way to snoop on another paper company and got into a fight over IHOP and Denny's. Funny stuff!!

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  1. Jim and Pam's first 'date' on the roof with the grilled cheese sandwiches comes to mind first.

    1. Jim encasing Dwight's stapler in Jello is a favorite of mine.

      Not that we've recreated that moment in my office, or anything like that. Nooooo.

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        Absolutely with you on the jello prank. So brilliant in its simplicity. And one of those jokes that is miraculously just as funny in the remake as in the original.

        "He's put my stapler in jelly again."

      2. The "ethics" episode where Holly, Toby's HR replacement, and Michael go to a seafood restaurant that's shaped like a lighthouse. Getting lobster at a Scranton seafood place cracked me up.

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          ...and Michael has a glass of red wine next to his big platter o' lobster.

          1. re: Brennius

            Oh, yes! You've a sharp eye for the details.

          2. re: three of us

            I love how he tosses out her lunch and then says that they'll go dutch "of course"

          3. The episode at Benihana. They pick up the 2 girls, and bring them back to the Christmas party. Michael "marks" one of the girls to tell them apart.

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              Oh yes! They pick up the waitresses. Classic.

              My fave is when Michael is in NYC. He raves to the camera about how he's going to take in all the local specialties for which NY is famous. Then he heads into a Sbarro's.

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                As Michael says, Benihana is the Asian Hooters

              2. The Dundies award ceremony at Chilis is a good one. Another is when they kidnap the pizza delivery guy.

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                  I was gonna say the kidnapping of the pizza guy. Effing hilarious

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                    That reminds me of when he first hooks up with Jan- they take a client to Chilis and get totally rocked.

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                      i totally refer to "second drink" now because of the dundies/chlis episode now!
                      love it.

                    2. This season's Moroccan Christmas. Judging by the menu, perhaps Phyllis is a bit of a chowhound? I remember that Ramadan cookie sounding pretty good...

                      Oh and another one where Angela spits out some culturally-offensive food is the Diwali episode. Hmmm... gonna hafta watch some reruns here to recall all the details.

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                        Ya know, I kind of wondered that myself :)

                      2. Kind of a stretch, but,
                        When Jim puts Dwight's stuff in the vending machine, and someone (pam maybe?) buys his wallet right in front of him.

                        1. This show kills me...it is SO funny....how about the most recent episode where Dwight stages a fire drill (LOL, our office has 'safety officers' too and this is so hysterical! We were all in tears talking about this episode the next day!) and after Michael shouts "Every man for himself!" because they can't get out, Kevin smashes into the vending machine to loot it. OMG...great show!!! Here's the clip for anyone who missed it--I'm still wiping away tears from laughing at this...


                          1. I am suprised no one came up with the episode where Michael gets out of bed and burns his foot on the grill he put on the floor so he could wake up to bacon cooking.

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                              Lol, on the George Foreman grill!

                            2. Pam comes back from art school to find someone has made a mess in the microwave. She won't clean it up, and neither will anyone else, so she leaves a note. I think this is also the episode where Michael and Dwight try to frame Toby with a bag of basil.

                              I also like the dueling parties, is it Christmas parties? Angela's is a typical Angela party and Pam and Karen plan another party with better food, drink and entertainment.

                              I would also include any visit to Schrute farms.

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                                Yes, the beet farm. And you can get married in the same barn where they slaughter the animals!

                                Michael goes to the loading dock of a neighboring business to buy weed to frame Toby. He pays $200 for a small bag of basil.

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                                  <Pam comes back from art school to find someone has made a mess in the microwave. She won't clean it up, and neither will anyone else, so she leaves a note.>

                                  And Meredith makes the excuse that she doesn't have time to be a part time maid, between her job at Dunder Mifflin, her kids, and her job as a part time maid. Ha

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                                    I am SO tempted to write that note and tape it to the micro in MY office!

                                  2. Also- before the Season 2 Christmas episode, Dwight brings in the dead goose into the office (right on pam's desk!) and asks if they could cook it and Toby tells him to get rid of it.

                                    "Once I brought in a duck to prepare for lunch, and people got upset. Apparently they got attached to the duck and didn't want to see it killed."

                                    Dwight Schrute: He was already dead, and we Schrutes use every part of the goose. The meat has a delicious smoky rich flavor. Plus, you can use the molten goose grease and save it in the refrigerator, thus saving you a trip to the store for a can of expensive goose grease.

                                    1. I loved when Pam was trying to have her culture club meeting and Phyllis came in to microwave popcorn.

                                      Pam: Why don't you use the other microwave?
                                      Phyllis: I can't, it smells like popcorn.

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                                      1. re: lawgirl3278

                                        Oh yes! How could I have forgotten the Finer Things Club. That was very chowish!

                                        1. re: brandywiner

                                          Are those what Michael is always throwing at the audience during his guest lecture at Ryan's business class and his lecture circuit at Karen's branch?

                                          1. re: yamalam

                                            Yes, that's his presentation signature.

                                              1. re: tall sarah

                                                Nope: definitely Mounds. I checked the video. (And how geeky does that make me?)

                                                1. re: brandywiner

                                                  You need something to sell. Now this could be anything. It could be a thingamajig. Or a whosi-whatsi. Or...
                                                  [pulls out a Watchamacallit candy bar from his pocket]
                                                  ...a "Whatchamacallit."
                                                  [throws candy bar to the students. No one makes an effort to catch it and it lands on the floor.]
                                                  Now, you need to sell those in order to have a "PayDay."
                                                  [takes out a PayDay candy bar and throws it to the students. It lands on the floor again.]
                                                  And, if you sell enough of them, you will make a "100 Grand."
                                                  [takes out a 100 Grand candy bar and throws it to the students. It hits a student in the face.]
                                                  [pulls out a Snickers candy bar]

                                                  1. re: Dax

                                                    Good one, Dax! Caught that episode this past Tuesday!

                                          2. How about when Oscar brings an egg salad sandwich on the plane and Michael asks if "he could've brought something stinkier to bring on a plane"

                                            I do love the one where Michael is in Times Square and talks about how good food is in NYC and then proceeds to go to Sbarros. Lame

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                                              lol I was gonna say the sandwich on the airplane too. great moment.

                                            2. The comic concept that Dwight's family owns a BEET FARM is just fantastic.
                                              And, Pam needs to bring back the Finer Things Club. I kind of wanted to start one at work after I saw that...
                                              Also, I like the episode where Michael & Jan have the dinner party but don't start cooking their dinner until everyone gets there and it's going to take 3 hours.

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                                              1. re: stellamystar

                                                Also in this episode- when Michael dips his meat in his red wine. Awful, and yet oddly tempting...

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                                                  LOL! Forgot about that one- Dwight shows up uninvited with his own food, and his old babysitter as a date.

                                                2. How about when they had the mexican theme party for Oscar and Michael told Phyllis to buy Stauffers frozen burritos!

                                                  1. The first time Jim and Andy meet, Jim is eating a tuna fish sandwich. From that moment on, Andy refers to Jim as "Big Tuna."

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                                                      Yes! There's a guy in my office that looks like Andy. And every time I see him in the hall, I think "Big Tuna!"

                                                    2. What about the "Race for the Cure of Rabies Unawareness" (or whatever it ended up being) where Michael carbo-loads on fettucine alfredo and ends up passing out from cramps? LOL.

                                                      I love the Office.

                                                      1. This is more about lack of food than food, but in the Weight Loss episode, Kelly has so many amazing moments- first when she is doing the cleanse... "All I have to do is drink maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water for all three meals. Um, I just bought some bikinis online too so.. I'm gonna look ah-mazing." She looks like she's gonna die. It's priceless.
                                                        Then Creed gives her a tapeworm, or a supposed tapeworm- "I swallowed a tapeworm last night. It's going to grow up to three feet inside of me, and eat all my food so that I don't get fat. And then, after three months I take some medicine and then I pass it. Creed sold it to me. It's from Mexico"


                                                        1. hahahaha also just thought of Michael's potato salad that he lets sit in the car all day before going to David Wallace's cocktail party.

                                                          1. As a surprise to my kids and after a day long plane ride to Philly from Alberta on the way to Reading, I stopped for the night in Scranton. I preloaded a "tour" into my GPS with all the The Office locations in Scranton (which a real fan had set up for download) . We went to every one of the food places mention in the series. Had a really good hot dog at Coney Island in Scranton. My kids are huge fans of the show...I am a little less entranced, but seeing the places on the menus in the lunch room for the show or where critical events took place was kinda fun. It was like reliving all of the food moments of the show. But BOY is that town UGLY!

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                                                              uhm...sorry?!? That the town is so ugly??? No reflection on the ancestors I assure you. The rural area around is a different story, beautiful as was Reading and Lancaster County. Scranton, the town, though meets the visitor with a series of boarded up old long dead industrial buildings, none of which I expect would have met the ancestors approval. As this is a food board, I can reiterate that Coney Island was great. I had never found a chili dog before that I liked and their's called for a seconds (which I and my kids duly ordered). The sushi place in Clark's Summit is to be avoided at all costs.

                                                            2. Michael’s birthday, season 2. He orders “birthday party subs” for the office: eight foot-long baloney, tomato, and ketchup sandwiches that nobody will eat. Includes Dwight’s own philosophy on tipping, after he painstakingly counts out exactly $39.60 to pay the delivery guy: “Why tip someone for a job I’m capable of doing myself? I can deliver food. I can drive a taxi. I can, and do, cut my own hair. I did, however, tip my urologist, because I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones.”

                                                              I also like how Pam and Roy froze all the food from their cancelled wedding. And when Michael asked for Splenda to put in his single malt. And Kevin’s m&m eating contest. And Creed’s desk-drawer “smell like death” mung beans. And Jim’s pavlovian breath mint prank on Dwight. And Dwight asking for Michael’s man meat. And Jan telling Pam that her wine gift will be “great to cook with.” And pretzel day!

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                                                                Ah yes...Jan's infamous dinner party...that is the crowning food moment of the show!

                                                              2. I have to revive this thread for the most recent episode where Dwight is eating the largest breakfast known to man beacuse he's "ravenous" from his night of "lovemaking". Hilarious!!

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                                                                1. re: jessicheese

                                                                  LOL, I saw that one...I saw a re-run of Dwight dropping a watermelon off the top of the Dunder Mifflin building onto a trampoline...it ricocheted off and splattered all over Stanley's car. Oh, dear...I lost it...my son was like "Mom! Are you okay?" He was laughing pretty hard too. That show is insane!!!!
                                                                  Sorry, can't help it...here's the clip:

                                                                  1. re: jessicheese

                                                                    OK, another one....
                                                                    at the casino night, when Ryan goes up to the bar with a dejected look on his face and orders a manhattan, "extra cherries with sugar on the rim". Jim looks at him- "so that's still going on, huh?".

                                                                    1. re: jessicheese

                                                                      Not food related but I wonder if anyone else thinks the episode where Phyllis gets flashed is the funniest sitcom episode they ever saw?