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Feb 7, 2009 04:05 PM

Vertical, First Canadian Place

I went to this restaurant with a business contact for lunch this last Wednesday, must say it was really good. Interestingly, despite the zeitgheist of recession, we couldn't get a table at several other restaurants in the locality.

I kicked off with serrano ham and some other dried meat, really nice. The chap I was with had an octopus salad, that he really liked too. For main I had papardelle (sp?) with wild boar ragu, which was fantastic, I generally shy away from pasta dishes but this was just delicious. He had some veal based pasta dish, which he said was really good, too.

while we both had pasta, the menu was pretty varied. I would put it as comparable to Canoe, without the view, but with better prices too.

Definately I would go back!

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  1. I really like Vertical too... Mr. Rabbit is a total sucker for wild boar ragu and he finds Vertical's rendition among the best. Their tiramisu, a much-abused dessert, is also treat. I think Vertical is a great pick among the financial district offerings and it only gets better once the patio opens (and, during summer months, they have a farm "up north" where they grow a lot of their own produce).

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      Omg wild boar ragu sounds delicious..... and I love papardelle...
      Definitely going on my go to list.

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          Vertical is on the second floor and has a terrace overlooking the rock garden ... So yes I would call it a patio... it is large for downtown..

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            "Terrace," as ODG calls it, is probably a better word.

            You can find a few pics of the outside space on this review that I wrote back in August -

        2. I believe the restaurant is only open weekdays, though. Am I correct?

          Edit: I just checked Vertical's website and, since January 31st, they're now open on Saturday nights.

          1. Good to hear they've gotten better. I went for a business lunch about 2 years ago and I found it to be very sub-par. Bland, yet salty. And everything was overdone for my preferences. But a lot can change in such a long span of time. Thanks for the updated review.

            1. I attended two corporate functions there (breakfast and dinner) and their food was AMAZING!!! Service is great too! Their drinks were a bit expensive though.

              1. I had two amazing experiences there in summer 2008 and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves fish and seafood with great service.

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                  Their $45 winterlicious meal looks pretty good -- you can get the $16 grilled octopus as the starter and their beautiful grilled whole branzino ($33) as the main. Only a couple of days left though...anybody been? They're also involved with the Stop for Food prix fixe (beef cheek ravioli, seafood brodetto) in March.

                  1. re: Chester Eleganté

                    We were there a couple of days ago for a family birthday celebration and the food and service were fabulous. We were four people, each of whom ordered an appetizer, main course and dessert, and each dish was beautifully executed and flavourful. We were tempted by the Stop for Food menu, but none of us ended up ordering it.