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Feb 7, 2009 04:04 PM

La Khaima

I went to La Khaima last night. It is on Fairmount (142 Fairmount, at Waverly).

The meal was amazing. I searched CHOWHOUND before I went looking for reviews but didn't find much so I am writing this.

Starter was soup or hummus. We tried both. The soup was delicious- heavy with lentils and perfectly spiced. The hummus was subtle- not too much garlic or lemon juice and delicious- perfect hearty texture.

There were three options for mains- vegetables, chicken, and lamb. We tried the chicken and the lamb. Both were served with couscous. The chicken was just slightly spicy- the perfect amount. The couscous was with sauce, onion, raisons, and green olives. The lamb was ground and made into patties /kebabs. Stuffed inside each was a prune. The couscous was similar but no olives and the sauce was without spice and sweeter then the chicken.

We didn't bring wine so the waitress brought us a pitcher of water and a pitcher of hibiscus juice which was incredible.

After the meal we were served peppermint tea which was very sweet and the great for after the meal.

Price was $25 per. Service was excellent. The restaurant was inviting and warm.

Great meal.

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  1. I've been to La Khaima a few times. It's a nice relaxed place with a friendly and fun owner. The food (mauritanian) is pleasant enough, though I wouldn't qualify it as amazing - the flavors are not particularly sharp, and the meats can be overcooked. A nice alternative to a couscous, and a good value for sure, but probably not a place for a special outing.