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Feb 7, 2009 03:40 PM

Kosher style delis anywhere near the Lehigh Valley???

I live in the western part of the Lehigh Valley--there are many chain restaurants (fast food) and then some very good and expensive upscale restaurants. Not much inbetween. We would LOVE to find a kosher style deli/diner within 1 hour from here. Hopefully--there is a place hiding out there!!!HELP!!!

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  1. Is the 7th Street Deli on 7th st. in Allentown still around? It's what you want, but I've not spent any measureable time up in the LV in quite a while! If it is, your stuffed Kishka awaits you !!

    WAIT.. I just did a search and came up with this:

    Worst case, the Lower Main Line is about an hour away from the Allentown exit of the PA turnpike. We have delis...and Dr. Browns!!

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      Thanks Richie--but downtown Allentown is not the greatest place to be these days!!

      1. re: suenstu

        Sorry to hear this. As I mentioned, I've not spent that much time there in recent years. Also, as I said..If you feel like a Sunday morning Schlep...about an hour.. in Merion Pa there's Hymie's and Murray's Deli. If you want to make it a little day trip, go into Philly and the Famous Deli is around 4th and Bainbridge, near South St. The food is amazing. the platters are HUGE and it's not too far from the Italian Market. I'd suggest you take a walk after your deli platters, but you will be so very stuffed that you will and enjoy!

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          Thanks again Richie--you've given us a few places to start with--- I'm buying a bigger belt!! Just hard to believe that there is no place closer --in the Quakertown area maybe... There is such a lack of good ethnic food in this valley--or any food!!

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            A dear close friend who is originally a New Yorker who lived here in The Philly area and then moved to the LV about 20 years ago. He's a "deli kind of guy". I'll try to ask him for input. If he has any I will post it for you!

    2. Pumpernicks Deli on RT309 in Montgomeryville is your only hope. It is the best Jewish Deli within 45 minutes of Allentown. Not far off of Lansdale exit of turnpike or straight shot down RT 309 South