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Feb 7, 2009 03:35 PM

There's Shrimp Boats a Comin' There's....Maine Shrimp!

The season is here. We're getting Maine shrimp for $.50/lb. I lived in Norway before Maine and we often have a Norwegian Rekker Fest (shrimp party) A rekker fest is a shrimp peeling contest to make and consume open faced shrimp sandwiches (rekker smorbrod) and consume copious amounts of icy white wine. crusty white bread, steamed cold shrimp, butter, mayo (in a squeeze bottle), lemon juice, and lots of cold white wine. We also rip off the heads and fry them up in hot oil w/ pepper flakes and eat them w/ shel. Olive oil and garlic or cream pasta sauces,omelettes, shrimp salad, w/ avocado halves and on white pizza. How do you enjoy this seasonal treat?

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  1. ok ,where can i get shrimp for .50 a lb?? im on my way up...

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      I get them from my students. Lobstering families that shrmp and scallop in the winter. Have you ever been to Acadia Nation'l Park? There's a truck, near Wallmart that sells them for $.75/ lb. What do you pay? How do you prepare Mane shrimp?

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        While I agree that woking is fine, I tried something different last night, with spectacular results. Used the recipe for Shrimp Tom Yum in Hot Lime Leaf Broth from the "Hot/Sour/Salty/Sweet" (think that's the title) cookbook from Naomi Duguid and Jeff Alpert about food from the Mekong. Easy to make (took about 20 minutes), great hot and sour flavor.

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        I'll follow... WOW, we are 8.99 lb. It's worth the drive.

      3. I like to wok them salt and pepper style.The whole shrimp, heads, shells and all and eat them that way. The intense heat crisps the shells and the juices in the head are oh so good. Sometimes I find em still jumping. At Courthose or New Deal in Cambridge they sell between 3-5 pound.

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          I like to wok them saly & pepper style too, and BostonZest posted a Margarita Style Maine Shrimp recipe in the Home Cooking section not to long ago that was really good. These shrimp also work well in a Ceviche. Usually pay about 3/'s not worth driving 50 mile to save money for them.

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            Thanks. Ceviche, of course! How can I be do dumb. I make scallop, and mackeral ceviches. I find tomato sauces too strong for the mild, sweet shrimp.
            ps, I'm probably 6 hrs drtive north of you; real downeast. My student speak w/ quite a thick downeast acent. Jeesum crow, bub!

        2. Cooking these shrimp in the wok seems like a super way to prepare them. Here north of Boston they're about 3.99/lb. in a local supermarket. They're on my shopping list for Wednesday.

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            Funny, the Shaws/Hanneford charges the same, but the truck up the hill is only $.75/lb and fresh fish, scallops and lobbers too.

          2. Got some nice Maine shrimp and made a white pizza with arugula, garlic and the shrimp on top. But I may have to try the open-face sandwich.

            Also just read an interesting description for "prawn paste", which MMRuth describes in this thread:

            Why are the Maine shrimp pink when raw?? Is it because they are from the colder waters?

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                Must be those North Atlantic Flamingos!

            1. Has any one seen these for sale in Vermont? This thread has got me so hungry now...