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Baldwin Street hot dogs, where can I find them?

I'm making some corndogs and need some great tasting hotdogs. Since I recently ran out of my Nathan's supply, I need some local hotdogs and heard that baldwin st makes great dogs. I looked on past threads and nobody really mentioned specifically where to find them. I realize they have a location north on yonge but to go that far I might as well go to Buffalo. Is there anywhere downtown that regularly carries them, or do you have a better recommendation?

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  1. I've seen them at Longo's and Loblaw's. They are not always with the other hot dogs, they are often in the kosher section.

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      The Kitchen Table in Forest Hill Village and Nortown on Eglinton west of Barhurst.

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        I heard Nortown carries hebrew nationals hot dogs, is this true?

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          The Forest Hill Loblaws has them.

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            No! They were the HN distributor, but the brand disappeared from Canada in the aftermath of the Mad Cow nuttiness.

      2. Summerhill Market carries them, too! they are good...

        1. You have to try the ones at European Meats in Kensington (it's the big place at the north end of Kensington Ave.). A bit of a pick-a-number and wait madhouse, but they have several types (I like the beef ones, nice and juicy). I've actually served these at a fairly high-end resto, and they were very popular.

          1. Baldwin Street does not make great dogs. Not enough flavour, casing smack, or fat. Stick with Nathan's. Next best is Olympic all beef from Mississauga. Then there are various pork franks, some with lambskin, such as Freybe's.
            You may not be able to get Hebrew National here because of the the aftermath of the mad cow episode.

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              I disagree with jay90. European Meats makes a tasty dog.

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                Well do tell: Is European's hot dog pork or beef? Lots of garlic and paprika? Skinless, collagen, or lambskin? Where are they sold?

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                  Sorry Jay, I misread. I thought you wrote European meats doesn't make a great dog. European meats makes a couple kinds. They have a slightly more expensive all beef one and a regular one. I quite enjoyed the less healhy more "lips and asshole" variety compared to the all beef one. I purchased a box of them for a huge BBQ once.

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                    I'll try both kinds, when I visit European to get a brisket.

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                      Cool. Let us know what your experience is...and with the Brisket too. Yum.

            2. I've had them, liked them and found them at Dominion. I think my GOTO supermarket hot dog is an All Beef Juicy Jumbo. You may want to try those.

              Or go to Buffalo, aint nothing like a Nathan's. I got a supply last trip "Down yonder."


                1. NoFrills at Bathurst and Wilson has Baldwin dogs.

                  1. Baldwins are widely available in Toronto. Most larger Loblaw's and Metro stores have them, as do virtually all stores in Jewish areas. I find them awful. YMMV.

                    Actually, the Nathan's and HN dogs sold in Buffalo are both mere shadows of their former glory, but both are still much better than any brand available in the GTA.

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                      Funny you should mention that embee. I ran a search of the Wegmans website and, other than the mustard, they don't seem to offer any Nathan's products. How are Hebrew Nationals compared to kosher dogs available in Toronto? Here's a somewhat odder thing: Why is it that when I narrow the search to kosher items, Hebrew National disappears from the Wegmans offerings?

                      I like Baldwin Street, but there's always room for improvement.

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                        Hey Googs

                        HN didn't do a lot for me. I think Nathan's is far superior. I wouldn't make a special trip for them. I think I liked Baldwins better. I tried them so far apart that it's hard to say.


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                          I came home from the small Wegman's in Niagara Falls early last July with a supply of both Nathan's and HN dogs. I don't know what happened, but I'd certainly call before going back there for more Nathan's.

                          Wegman's website definitely shows HN products as available. Perhaps the store you search makes a difference. They definitely stock them at Sheridan Drive.

                          The Top's Supercenter on Niagara Falls Blvd also carried both lines last July. This is likely Tops largest store. Unfortunately, I don't think you can search the Tops website for specific items in a store. Wegman's is a pretty unusual operation. A blank search of Sheridan Drive returns 38261 items.

                          As to what is better, it's obviously all about individual taste. The Nathan's and HN dogs of my childhood had much stronger flavours than they do now. There was more garlic, more fat, and more spice. Skinless Nathan's didn't exist and the skinless HNs were the hard-to-find ones. That said, I still like what's sold now better than anything available in Toronto.

                          If you like Baldwin's, you're way ahead of me. I find that all of the Canadian kosher dogs available range from poor to awful. I can't recommend Shefa, Uncle Ken's, Continental, Minsky's, Glatt's, or any other brand I might have come across. Minsky's may have been the worst frank I've ever tasted.

                          There were two kosher brands imported from the US as of last year. Meal Mart from New York was (surprisingly) not worth the bother. Rubashkin's Aaron's Best, from the despicable and now bankrupt, but still in business, Agriprocessors tasted much better, but I'd never buy anything from them again.

                          You might want to try the beef dogs at Summerhill Market or Cumbrae's. They taste mainly of salt, but the overall quality is good. BIG Franks are also fairly widely available. These are the successors to Kwinter's and may be to your taste, though they don't wow me.

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                            Before posting the question, I made a point of searching Wegmans without being store specific to see if it would change the results. It didn't. Nathan's mustard is the only product that comes up. No Nathan's franks at all. Thanks for the Tops tip. I'll follow it up with a phone call. At worst, the Nathan's website lists K-Mart and Wal-Mart as distributors. If I must I will pick an Evil Empire and patronize it.

                            I like Baldwin's, but I don't love them. They just seem to be the best of what's available in Toronto grocery stores and Blue Jays games. Given that the other options you describe taste mainly of salt I'll give them a pass.

                            Thanks again for your expert advice. Much appreciated.

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                          I agree. I once did a blind tasting with Hebrew National, Baldwin Street and Schneider's. Hebrew National was the unanimous winner, and Baldwin St came in last for several people.

                        3. I like Baldwin St., myself. I get them at the forest Hill Loblaws or the Sobey's at Christie and Davenport. Make sure you go to the kosher section to find them.

                          1. The best hot dogs I recently purchased were Schneider's Hot and Spicy Juicy Jumbo's. I was surprised, but I didn't really expect a lot. A good home snack.

                            Costco has Deli-Cart again, the large hot dogs from David Gordon of London, Ont.
                            There is the regular pork dog, and an all-beef no gluten one. I'll trry both next week, but the porker has more fat content, so may be better.

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                              I steamed four Deli Cart all beef dogs in stock and served them on rye with Khune's mustard. They were very good, bursting with beef flavor, and none of that acrid taste of Shopsy's.
                              There were two problems: too much fat, which trickled down my throat;
                              and skinless. Even a collagen coating would have given some snap and punch.

                              When I do these again, it will be on a grill, and lightly scored. This will release some fat, and crisp up the skin..

                              I have seen Deli Cart (mostly pork) at the old Dominion at VP and Ellesmere, and at Costco and Highland Farms but I don't know if Metro carries them. These all beef came from Costco in Ajax.

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                              1. Baldwin Street dogs are no longer on Denseley. They have closed up shop. Don't know who is distributing these days.

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                                  I saw them serving at the Air Canada Centre dogs and fries
                                  Have also seen them at
                                  Kitchen Table