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Feb 7, 2009 03:10 PM

Baldwin Street hot dogs, where can I find them?

I'm making some corndogs and need some great tasting hotdogs. Since I recently ran out of my Nathan's supply, I need some local hotdogs and heard that baldwin st makes great dogs. I looked on past threads and nobody really mentioned specifically where to find them. I realize they have a location north on yonge but to go that far I might as well go to Buffalo. Is there anywhere downtown that regularly carries them, or do you have a better recommendation?

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  1. I've seen them at Longo's and Loblaw's. They are not always with the other hot dogs, they are often in the kosher section.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      The Kitchen Table in Forest Hill Village and Nortown on Eglinton west of Barhurst.

      1. re: sherry f

        I heard Nortown carries hebrew nationals hot dogs, is this true?

        1. re: mlukan

          The Forest Hill Loblaws has them.

          1. re: mlukan

            No! They were the HN distributor, but the brand disappeared from Canada in the aftermath of the Mad Cow nuttiness.

      2. Summerhill Market carries them, too! they are good...

        1. You have to try the ones at European Meats in Kensington (it's the big place at the north end of Kensington Ave.). A bit of a pick-a-number and wait madhouse, but they have several types (I like the beef ones, nice and juicy). I've actually served these at a fairly high-end resto, and they were very popular.

          1. Baldwin Street does not make great dogs. Not enough flavour, casing smack, or fat. Stick with Nathan's. Next best is Olympic all beef from Mississauga. Then there are various pork franks, some with lambskin, such as Freybe's.
            You may not be able to get Hebrew National here because of the the aftermath of the mad cow episode.

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            1. re: jayt90

              I disagree with jay90. European Meats makes a tasty dog.

              1. re: food face

                Well do tell: Is European's hot dog pork or beef? Lots of garlic and paprika? Skinless, collagen, or lambskin? Where are they sold?

                1. re: jayt90

                  Sorry Jay, I misread. I thought you wrote European meats doesn't make a great dog. European meats makes a couple kinds. They have a slightly more expensive all beef one and a regular one. I quite enjoyed the less healhy more "lips and asshole" variety compared to the all beef one. I purchased a box of them for a huge BBQ once.

                  1. re: food face

                    I'll try both kinds, when I visit European to get a brisket.

                    1. re: jayt90

                      Cool. Let us know what your experience is...and with the Brisket too. Yum.

            2. I've had them, liked them and found them at Dominion. I think my GOTO supermarket hot dog is an All Beef Juicy Jumbo. You may want to try those.

              Or go to Buffalo, aint nothing like a Nathan's. I got a supply last trip "Down yonder."