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Feb 7, 2009 02:30 PM

potato soup ideas

I just bought a great big bag of russet potatoes and would like some ideas for potato soup. Other ideas for ways to enjoy the p!otatoes would be appreciated as well. I also have lots of shitake mushrooms on hand. TIA

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  1. I just finished an enormous batch of potato soup - it fed me lunch for over a week.
    Navy beans and potatoes and carrots cooked in chicken stock, thickened with yogurt and flour right at the end and piles of fresh dill mixed in. Delicious recession food!

    1. I made some potato kale soup just today. All I did was sautee some onions and garlic for a few minutes in olive oil. Then I added salt, fresh ground pepper, and red pepper flakes. Then I threw in my cubed potatoes, tossed, then covered with water. When the potatoes were softened, I whizzed the mixture up with my stick blender, then I added several handfuls of slivered kale. Let that soften, then checked my seasoning, and... lunch! Unbelievably easy, cheap, and healthy. This is a shortcut version of Portuguese kale soup that I like to make, but I left out the Portuguese sausage (chouriƧo or linguiƧa) because I didn't have it on hand. If I had had some chicken stock on hand I would have used that instead of water, but it was still quite good, if simple. For dinner I reheated some of the soup and ate it alongside bratwurst and roasted brussels sprouts.

      I bet your potatoes, along with some aromatics, thyme, and another root veggie like parnsip or turnip would make a great soup. Having an immersion blender has made my life much easier. I would add your chopped shitakes after blending the potato mixture. Let us know how your soup endeavor turns out

      1. alternatives to soup:
        wasabi mashed (you could use some of the shiitakes iin there)
        Pommes Anna

        here's a gratin recipe that uses both baking potatoes and shiitakes:

        and this recipe sounds delish:

        1. In my opinion, one of the greatest soups of all time is Potage Parmentier which is a creamy potato leek soup. And potatoes are always good in casseroles and hashes. One very good recipe is Laura Calder's Truck Stop Pork Chops on the Canadian Food Channel web site. You build up layers of thinly sliced onions, then potatoes, then browned pork chops and a bit of bacon (if my recollection is correct), herbs (I think she used some juniper berries). more onions, and potatoes. Pour in broth and cover with parchment and then the casserole lid. Cook in a medium oven. It is really good.
          Or go to any web site with South American cooking. Potatoes are used in surprising ways, including in dishes like ajiaco de gallina or locro and its variations.
          When we have leftover mashed potatoes, I often use them to thicken vegetable soups.
          And then there are chowders.
          Good luck.

          1. My favorite is Julia Child's Cream of Potato and Leek soup. Saute 3 cups of leeks, 1 carrot and 1 stalk of celery (each chopped) in a little butter. Add a few diced potatoes and 3 cups of milk or cream. (I uses 1/2 and 1/2) Salt and pepper to taste. When serving, I add a dollop of sour cream to the middle of the bowl. MMMM!

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              I make the same thing, but leave out the milk/cream. If you hit the soup with a stick blender, the potatoes will break up and leave the soup with a nice creaminess without the cream.

              Although a little dollop of cream at the end does make a frequent appearance in my version...

              1. re: aravenel

                I use 2% milk in mine, though I do start off with butter, and instead of my stick blender I continue to use my wiggly-wire potato masher, mashing the spuds just enough to make the soup nice and thick but still with good chunks of potato. Potato and leek, potato and onion, potato and corn or cabbage or what have you. Always used to start with bacon, but I'm feeding a veggie these days so that's out, as is any form of seafood, but I can always add some back in for my own lunch.