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Feb 7, 2009 02:23 PM

Frozen artichoke hearts?

Any suggestions on great dishes using frozen artichoke hearts? I've always used artichokes that are in a marinade. Thank you!

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  1. I use frozen artichoke hearts for one of my favorite appetizers to serve at a dinner party - always a hit, and easy too. I add the thawed artichokes to the roasting dish along with the shrimp.

    Shrimp and Artichokes in Peppery Butter Sauce

    1. Its been a while since I have had these... I should pick some up! I like with pasta -- either a red sauce (plus olives), or olive oil / white wine chicken and herbs.

      1. Glad you asked. One of my favorite and perhaps only use of frozen artichokes is with pasta. I cook the chokes in a bit of water with chicken base for flavor a couple of minutes till done. Then I drain off the liquid and add butter, olive oil and garlic to the chokes. I add this to my cooked hot pasta and then add some sour cream and toss really good. Add some fresh pepper and your done. Its a very satisfying vegi main or side dish.

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          One of my favorite soups is Oyster & Artichoke. Frozen artichokes are perfect. Search around on Chow and you'll find discussions and recipes, especially the New Orleans board.
          Mandinas in New Orleans makes a wonderful version. I've also made it with shrimp or scallops for friends not inclined towards oysters.

        2. i mostly use them with noodles/pasta, or in a baked shrimp, tomato & feta dish. they actually also work really well in dips (e.g. spinach-artichoke) if you thaw & drain them well.

          1. Well, if you find some that are not stupidly priced like 5 bux each have you tried fresh?
            They are surely better and it is not so hard to trim them if you learn a bit.
            Then you have much more freedom, make artichoke centric dishes instead of just a bland accessory.
            Either way, saute with pork sausage, garlic, thyme. You can parboil before.Everything should not just be rubbish pasta.

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              "Everything should not just be rubbish pasta."

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                Yah, I didn't get that dig either. I think they are new to the Home Cooking board, and think that we don't know how to cook. ; )

                I love cooking with fresh artichokes, especially baby artichokes, but I also like the convenience of having a bag in the freezer and not having to cut and trim. I buy mine at Trader Joe's.

                To keep this on topic - I also like to use frozen artichokes chopped and sauteed in butter for quiches and omelettes.

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                  Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. I'm going to experiment this week. And, yes I have made fresh artichokes before....just thought it would be nice to have try them in a more convenient form.

                  You know the truly great thing about this board for me has been that people have been so kind in answering even the most basic question. I sure hope it stays that way.

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                    oh, Daisy, Daisy, Daisy...just you wait.

                    no, seriously, as long as you also contribute when others need help, you'll always get plenty of feedback when you ask for it. the Home Cooking board is pretty tame, and we're all very friendly here. it's on the other boards where we venture into moral & ethical debates that the fangs start to show ;)

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                      ghg, true -- except for me and my beef thread. ;-(.

                      daisy, go to this artichoke thread for some more ideas.

                      i love the artichokes with fish, along with capers and a little tomato and olive oil. the chokes bring a nutty, savory spark to the party!

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                    Strange comment--one of several indicating that some people know a lot more than the rest of us!

                    I will use fresh if I find them at decent prices, but I find that the frozen are excellent with pasta that has been tossed with a jar of that artichoke cream that you can find in some Italian stores. Toss the cream with the long pasta and then add the hearts on top; lemon peel is also a good addition.


                    I also love to make a quick shrimp dish with lemon peel, small potatoes, garlic, smoked paprika,and artichoke hearts that I first saw in one of Sally Schneider's cookbooks. If anyone wants the recipe I will do my best to post it here..

                    1. re: erica

                      Do you recall which cookbook? That sounds wonderful, the lemon would tie all the flavors together nicely!

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                        meatn, i know this is REALLY belated, but i just saw your post. the basic recipe for Shrimp in Olive Oil, Garlic & Smoked Paprika is on page 198 of "The Improvisational Cook," and the artichoke "improvisation" - Shrimp with Confited Baby Artichokes - is on the opposite page (199).