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Can anyone recommend a Cup Cake place in South Florida?

I'm desperate here!
I need to do cup cakes for a wedding!
Can anyone recommend cup cakes in South Florida?

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  1. cupcakesnouveau.com, located in Miracle Mile Coral Gables, best cupcakes I've tasted

        1. DD's Cupcake Shoppe in Jupiter is supposed to be a great place for cupcakes. She has many flavors to choose from. Check out her web page ddscupcakeshop.com

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            I can't speak for the others, but DDs in Jupiter is a great little place. The owner is a really sweet women and she has a good variety of delicious cupcakes that also look great which I'm sure matters sunce this is for a wedding. It is a very small place, so I'm not sure about quantity if you need them ASAP, but I'm sure she'd do what she could to accommodate your needs.

          2. Misha's in South Miami/Coral Gables is amazing and so is Buttercream Cupcakes on Sunset Drive

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              I hosted a cupcake tasting at my home and had 9 different cupcakers attend. I found Cupcake Nouveau and Buttercream by far the best. Cupcake Nouveau I strongly recommend as they are two girls that have experience doing cupcakes for wedding favors and are exceptional in their attention to detail and service. Nothing against the others as I love Buttercream as well but Cupcake Nouveau has that "sex and the city" girl feel and I say that as a compliment.

            2. Thanks guys for all your input.

              I tried as many places as I could over a one week period. Mishas, Cup cakes nouveau, We take the Cake, Lolas cup cakery and the place in Jupiter, Fl.

              We are going with Lolas Cup cakery. Truly, the best cup cakes i have ever had!!! When we stopped into the store, we had to wait in line, but it was totally worth it. People love this place. The staff are all professional bakers from NY. While we were there, enrique iglesias came in wit his crew. I'm not a fan but there was a lot of screaming from ppl.

              The second runner up was the Jupiter, FL location. It really was worth the trip. The owner was really nice. Cup cakes were good but a bit dry.

              I found Cup cakes Nouveau to be an absolute, total, complete dump. Check out their supposed store and you'll know what I mean. Yuk. I was really disappointed because i read an article about them and they looked amazing. They sucked.

              Mishas was also good too. Fresh, moist and pretty.

              We Take the Cake staff were rude. You couldn't pay me to go back to their snobby little fondant artist. The cup cakes we ordered were super pricey and frankly, i've had better at Publix!

              Sorry 2 be so blunt but that is the bottom line.

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                I am sorry to hear your feelings about Nouveau. Sounds like you were turned off by their retail space and not really commenting on their cupcakes?

                They took over an existing space that was vacated by a salad joint. Granted the space needs some more decor, their cupcakes are stylish and tasty and typically a new organization such as Nouveau is a work in progress and they have been in the space almost a month now.

                Again I would be curious about your thoughts about the cupcakes as it sounds like your review of Cupcakes Nouveau was about their retail space and not their baked goods.

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                  I've only peeked into Cupcakes Nouveau's space but I didn't find it a dump. I think We Take the Cake supplies Cafe Martorano. If they are (it's either them or By Word of Mouth. I'm pretty sure it's WTtC), those are very good cupcakes.

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                    I just had some of Cupcake Nouveau's cupcakes (chocolate, guava, red velvet?) and they were all quite good. cupcake itself was moist and fluffy, almost soft to a fault and the frosting was not hard or overpowering, but very light when I bit through it and had a nice complementing taste. There was a bit of an aftertaste lingering on my tongue afterwards though. All the ones I had were minis.

                    The space itself is fair, but not quite fitting a cupcake place. They have some tables and chairs more fitting of a fast casual restaurant. Otherwise the space is quite spartan and not fitting the cutesy or funky vibe you might expect. There was a bit of a smell of cleaning supplies when I first walked in as well (don't know if that's been constant).

                    Cupcakes are 2.50-3.00 for the large and 1.00 for the minis. I'm guessing they need to sell at least 4000-5000 cupcakes to cover costs in there. Do we really eat that many cupcakes?

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                      Cupcakes Nouveau's Miracle Mile shop is closed. They are relocating to another, as-yet unannounced, location. Still doing catered orders in the meantime.

                  2. I know Epicurean has already picked out a cupcake place, but just FYI for everyone there is a new cupcake shop that has opened on Las Olas right near Ft Lauderdale Hospital. Never been so I don't know how they are.

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                        Oh, Ok. Thank you for keeping me so informed. I did not know the name of the new shop.

                    1. There is a new cupcake place that currently doesn't have a storefront, but will deliver to you. Annie makes some of the yummiest treats that have ever passed my lips. check out her website www.sweetanniesbakedgoods.com

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                        find it curious we haven't heard back from Epicurean Girl.. Want to clarify if she even ate the cupcakes from Nouveau.

                        I think they probably got a good price for rent or maybe know the owners?? In this current economic climate a landlord should be glad to have a tenant rather than gouge the hell out of a tenant with rent!

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                          My numbers were on the nicer side! That's why I find it scary. In fact, we had Sprinkles looking around quite a few months ago and ultimately they backed out of a deal with a space that smaller than Nouveau's.

                      2. I don't know if you have your final answer but we were in Lauderdale a few weeks ago and tried Spanky's cupcakes and they were to die for. The toppings were delicious and they had many creative ideas.


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                          My SO bought me Spanky's cupcakes for Valentine's Day and they were great. My favorite is the "Sno Ball" cupcake. Apparently he bought them at the Gelato Station in Wilton Manors.
                          We also went back to Lola's last night to give them a 3rd chance, and at 8:00 p.m. they had only 6 cupcakes left! He had the pralines and cream and I had the strawberry (which I had the day after they opened and found to be heavy and dense). I'm happy to report that there was a great improvement and we really enjoyed them. They were a little smaller though than the cupcakes we had right after they opened.

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                            Spanky's is definitely great, both the larges and the minis. I love the red velvet ones. Also try the great Gelato there. Amazing flavors! Wilton rocks!

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                            Does Spanky's have a retail storefront? Their website doesn't give their address.

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                              I don't think so. My boyfriend ordered the cupcakes in advance and picked them up at The Gelato Station, but he said they also just sell the Spanky's cupcakes a la carte at the Gelato Station.

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                                  i tried both lola's and spanky's and neither one was more than just ok.

                                  i think urban brew in victoria park also carries spanky's

                                  i do agree the gelato at the gelato station is great.

                              1. I love the cupcakes from Gallery of Cakes in Aventura. It's a Kosher bakery and a family business. The icing is Chantilly, and just melts in your mouth. Only $6 for six, a bargain in this day of grossly overpriced cupcakes. Their website http://galleryofcakes.com says nothing about the cupcakes. I call ahead and have them made without the sprinkles on top, just plain.

                                1. I tried cupcakes nouveau last week and was terribly disappointed. I'd try buttercream or www.sugargirlbakeshop.com.

                                  1. I think cupcakes have become my comfort food...at least comfort dessert and I tried Lola's cupcakes last week and really enjoyed them. Love the variety and super friendly chefs and owners. Prefer them to Misha's and Buttercream which is where we usually bought cupcakes in Miami. Too bad they are so far... Check them out if you haven't yet! http://www.lolascupcakery.com

                                    1. The cup cakery is great! But they never seem to be open when I want to buy cupcakes.

                                      1. I really enjoyed the cupcake I had from the bakery inside the Boca Town Center food court ! They specialize in cupcakes..