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Feb 7, 2009 02:10 PM

Can anyone recommend a Cup Cake place in South Florida?

I'm desperate here!
I need to do cup cakes for a wedding!
Can anyone recommend cup cakes in South Florida?

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  1., located in Miracle Mile Coral Gables, best cupcakes I've tasted

        1. DD's Cupcake Shoppe in Jupiter is supposed to be a great place for cupcakes. She has many flavors to choose from. Check out her web page

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          1. re: for the love of food

            I can't speak for the others, but DDs in Jupiter is a great little place. The owner is a really sweet women and she has a good variety of delicious cupcakes that also look great which I'm sure matters sunce this is for a wedding. It is a very small place, so I'm not sure about quantity if you need them ASAP, but I'm sure she'd do what she could to accommodate your needs.

          2. Misha's in South Miami/Coral Gables is amazing and so is Buttercream Cupcakes on Sunset Drive

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              I hosted a cupcake tasting at my home and had 9 different cupcakers attend. I found Cupcake Nouveau and Buttercream by far the best. Cupcake Nouveau I strongly recommend as they are two girls that have experience doing cupcakes for wedding favors and are exceptional in their attention to detail and service. Nothing against the others as I love Buttercream as well but Cupcake Nouveau has that "sex and the city" girl feel and I say that as a compliment.