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Feb 7, 2009 02:03 PM

Cup Cakes in Broward County?

Hi All -

I'm looking for a place that can provide cup cakes for a wedding in Broward County, FL?
Can anyone recommend a good place?

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  1. try

    they cover any and everything cupcake related in the USA

      1. re: Alfred G

        We've been waiting and waiting for cupcakes in Broward, but sadly, Lola's is not that great. The few I've had have been very dense and the icing is really thick, not fluffy. I guess any cupcake is better than none...

        1. Try: We Take the Cake. It's on Federal by Sunrise.

          1. We tried Lola's Cup Cakes on Las Olas and they were great! While we were there Enrique Iglesias walked in and all hell broke loose!
            This place was packed and it was open until midnight on a Friday!
            We will definitely be going back for more.
            The margarita cup cake was sublime! Thanks Alfred for your reccomendation.