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Feb 7, 2009 02:01 PM

Full House vs. Spring Villa for Banquet

Just wanted to get some opinion on Full House and Spring Villa for Wedding banquet. My fiance and I went around to different Chinese restaurants today to look at the different venues and menus. Since we are having a destination wedding, we won't be inviting a lot of people, so we were looking for smaller more intimate places.

Of the ones we visited today, Full house and Spring Villa are our top choices. However, one thing about Full House that concerns me is that there seems to be very little booking, which seemed kinda weird.

Spring Villa is also pretty good, but more expensive than Full House by quite a bit, is the difference worth it?

Any opinions on the two would be appreciated. :)

Also, are there other places that you guys would suggest we check out? Thanks!

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  1. I have heard Full House has changed ownership, but I have not been to there recently. Their banquet set (I have not tried their wedding set though) are used to be really good. In terms of environment, I think Spring Villa is a much better choice. Full House's layout and access is not very suitable for wedding. Food wise, I think both are ok. On similar pricing, Diamond's @ FMP is also a good choice, as you can request a section of it for smaller banquet. But don't exact too much on wedding food in those restaurants, they are all not very consistent, and also depends on the banquet set you pick as the pricing has a big range. Congratulation !

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      You're right skyline, I confirmed w/ my friend who's uncle used to own Full House on Hwy7 that it has been sold. Don't know anything about the new ownership though and whether the same chef is there (or moved to one of the Casa's?) For what it's worth, aside from their roast pigeons, I haven't seen too many outstanding reviews of Full House's dinners as of late. I also had our son's birthday dinner banquet there awhile back (4 tables of 12 ppl) and was rather underwhelmed.

      Spring Villa definitely has the nice, bright and clean ambiance and was renovated not too long ago. Was just there for late dim sum the other day when it wasn't that busy, excellent service as well. Haven't had banquet dinner there before though.

      We did have a very nice banquet style dinner at Casa Imperial a few months back, but the place is huge and unless you get a private room, you could get lost in the grandeur of it all.

      Like Charles said, definitely check out Yang's too. I gotta go there for a full meal next...

    2. For a smaller, cozy and modern place but great food. Have you consider 'Yang's Cuisine' in Richmond Hill? You should check it out!

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        does yang's have a website? i wanted to take a look at their menu before making a reservation. i'm considering a dimsum lunch and can't decide between Lai Wah Heen, Lai Toh Heen or Yang''s for a very special occasion and the only reason LWH/LTH are considered is for their beautiful fish-shaped dumplings which tickles my senior guests -- would Yang's have similar aesthetically pleasing offerings on their menu?

        1. re: berbere

          Don't think they have a website. Yang's Dim Sum is varied and good but not showy in presentation. Up north, if one wanted more sophisticated plate presentation then Empire Court inside the Hilton Suite is the place to go.

        2. re: Charles Yu

          Went to check out Yang's on Sunday. Looked pretty good, going to have dinner there this week to see how the food is.

          Price point is probably slightly higher than Spring Villa. The menu we looked at were about the same price but with Spring Villa, we get Japanese Abalone instead of Middle Eastern, and more Swallow's nest as well. One big plus at Yang's is that it's small enough so that we would be the only ones there to have a banquet, where is Spring Villa will have 2 banquets in the same night.

          Anyway, will be going to the different places to try out the food before we decide. :)

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              I would suggest Yang's since you're catching them during their early days, when they're eager to impress the fickle Chinese crowd (always eager to jump ship when a new restaurant opens). It truly is my favourite in the GTA right now for Cantonese food. Perhaps I'm guilty of the aforementioned crime by jumping on this new ship?

              I find that too many Chinese restaurants deteriorate over time. A lot of it has to do w/ chefs moving to and fro quite often...

              1. re: aser

                Also, Yang's the only Chinese restaurant where I noticed the 'executive chef' actually has his own business card displayed at the cashier counter!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Reporting back after a meal at Yang's and Full house.

                  Full house, impression is standard Chinese restaurant, no surprises. The Squab is pretty good though.

                  Yang's is definitely more expensive than Full House in terms of the menu-about 60% more. The question is, is it worth it?

                  We tried one of the special menu they have with Swift's nest soup and Abalone. The menu came with a dish, we ordered the Tofu with Shrimp eggs and sea slugs. We also ordered stir fried scallops and Steamed Chicken with Ham.

                  The "supreme" broth that makes up the base of the swift's nest soup was exceptional, the crab meat was fresh and tasty, very good. One of the main reason we ordered the menu is that we want to replace the standard shark fin soup with swift's nest soup for environmental concerns, and this dish definitely did not disappoint.

                  Next came the abalone, it was served with a piece of sea slug as well. Both were very disappointing, the low point of the meal. The abalone was overcooked, and way too soft, and the sea slug was tasteless. The captain explained that the abalone is not the standard ones we get in the banquet, which they would make to order instead of being pre-made, and refrigerated, so it would be better. The one in the banquet menu would also be bigger etc. But, the quality of this dish is definitely making me think twice.

                  Next up was the scallops. The dish is pretty standard except for the size of the scallops-they were huge! Unlike most Chinese places, Yang's didn't slice one scallop into two or three, you get 9 or 10 jumbos. So even if they charge about $10 more than your regular places, it's worth it. Also the taste was not surprising, I didn't expect it to be. I just wanted to try dishes that are similar to the "two hot meat" dishes in banquet to see the quality, and I can see that they didn't skim on the ingredients for sure.

                  The Free Range Chicken with Chinese ham was the best dish of the whole meal in my opinion. It was more a homely dish, but whenever I see "Yuan" ham with anything, I tend to want to try it. :p The chicken was very tasty, and the ham was exception, loved it!

                  The last dish was the Tofu with Shrimp Eggs and Prince(baby) Sea Slugs. Another not so good dish. One problem is that they didn't put enough shrimp eggs in to the dish. They should have just skipped it all together or add a lot more in. The amount they put in didn't give any shrimp egg taste, and made it look and feel like they didn't clean the sand from the baby sea slugs. While on the subject on baby sea slugs, they were really tasteless too, so was not impress. But, because Yang's make a very good "supreme" broth, the sauce itself was very good and the side veggies also tasted very good.

                  The desert was a Red Bean Soup. Definitely one of the better ones. I think they put some Honey Date in to provide its aroma as a background to the soup. We were pleasantly surprised-mostly because how little we were expecting when we saw red bean soup. :)

                  Anyhow, overall, I was pretty impressed with Yang's. Just need to make up our minds about whether the price difference is worth it. Overall though, we have more confidence in Yang's than Full house.

                  1. re: wciu

                    Hello wciu! Thanks for the review! Yup, their free range chicken is pretty good! Their peking duck was surprisingly good as well!
                    BTW, noticed La Dome in Paris is one of your fav., That was my 'first' Michelin restaurant I tried in Paris! Amazing fish dishes. The 'St. Pierre' was awesome! Thanks for the memory!

                    1. re: wciu

                      You are right. Full House is more comparable to Spring Villa, Diamond or the likes. Yang's is probably at the most expensive tier chinese restaurant for banquet in Richmond Hill area (of course besides Empire Court). For the money you spend, It should be the best you can get at this price point in Richmond Hill.

            2. My Hubby and I had a mini-banquet at La Chine Cusine on East Beaver Creek and would highly recommend the restaurant. We picked it because we were sick and tired of the standard Chinese meal and wanted something with a bit of flair. It would definitely fit your requirement of "smaller more intimate".

              1. We had a western style wedding but the rehearsal dinner was our chinese banquet dinner at Spring Villa. It was excellent. The food was beautifully presented, and delicious. the service was impeccable - for a Chinese place -that is. (not sure what the price difference is but spring villa was worth every penny for the hassle free way they handled everything.

                1. Hi wciu,

                  I'm considering Spring Villa for my wedding banquet, so I'm wondering if you ended up having your wedding there. If so, could you comment on your experience? No one I know has ever attended a banquet there, so your comments would be greatly appreciated! Hope to hear from you soon =)