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Feb 7, 2009 01:44 PM

BBQ truck in West Palm

I had a BBQ truck sighting today as I was driving past Walmart at the corner of Belvedere and Military Tr in West Palm Beach. I believe it was called Pit BBQ or something with Pit in it. It was a huge black trailer and had a sign that said "competition winning bbq", which for all I know they could have won worst bbq in the world and wouldn't have been lying with the sign. The huge investment in the big rig leads me to believe they have something worth while though. I wanted to know if anyone has tried the truck and their opinion? I was seriously tempted to try it, but it was about 2 hours from my dinner reservation, so I had to resist the urge. Unless there are some bad reviews, I'll probably try it within the week and get back here with my opinion.

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  1. I think it's Jim's or Jack's Pit BBQ? It's just north of Belvedere on Military Trail east side. He has been there for at least 1.5 years as I have seen it everytime I take my dog to the vet. I've always been tempted to try but it's never been the right time for me. He does a fair bit of business from what I have seen. Please give us the low-down on this big BBQ trailer.

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      My curiousity got the best of me and I went by to try it last night. Unfortunately, they apparently do not drive the truck over on Sundays, or at least not Sunday night (it was around 6 pm). Hopefully I'll get a chance to stop by later this week though.

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        Attempt #2. No luck again. This time it was Saturday at noon. Their hours are very interesting,,,

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          I made it there today at 12:45 and the name is Flaming Pit. The pulled pork wasn't ready so I got a 1/2 lb of ribs and mac-n-cheese, The ribs were 2nd or 3rd best that I have sampled and they were done "right". Slighly smokey, tender, and a nice texture on the outside. Some were kind of crunchy on the exterior which I really liked but moist and tender everywhere else. Hot BBQ sauce was your basic mixture of tomato and mustard, which had that orange color, slightly sweet, and a nice spicey kick. Mac-n-chesse was average and forgettable. For $10.20 total w/o drink, it was well worth it. Ribs came with 2 slices of white bread.

          I'd say their ribs are on par with Troy's in Boynton and they do a decent business since they are at the entry to Wal Mart. If I am in the area , I will definitely hit them up again. The trailer is BIG with two serving areas/order windows and the rear dedicated to one or two large smokers.....sweet!

          1. re: freakerdude

            Well after several failed attempts, I finally got back over to the Flaming Pit and was torn after your review whether I should try the pulled pork or the ribs, but I'm a pulled pork guy so I tried that and the mac and cheese. Completely agree with your comments on the mac; average and forgettable. The pulled pork was interesting. A little dry, but it was about 7:45 at night, so I'll let that slide. I was picking up a buttery/garlicy flavor and I thought it was from the bun but it didn't look like there was anything on the bun, and rightfully so. Overall, I would say it was completely average and next time I'll go for the ribs. After living in NC for 6 years, I haven't found any pulled pork that has held its own down here.

            Speaking of NC BBQ, does anyone down in S. FL do the vinegar based sauce that is worthy of a taste?

            1. re: ash0529

              The only place I know that does East Carolina style BBQ is the Dixie Pig on Dixie Highway between Commercial and Prospect in Fort Lauderdale. Mrs. L and I have gone there for lunch a couple of times and I thought the the pulled pork was pretty good for SoFla and I enjoy the NC-style sauce which is in squeeze bottles and not served already on the pork. Their collards are also pretty good.

              That said, I'm not sure I'd make a special trip from the WPB area just to eat at the Dixie Pig but it's worth a try if you're in the area.

              Dixie Pig Bar-B-Q
              4495 N Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park, FL 33334

              1. re: RickL

                Good thing I asked! I'm going to be in FTL tomorrow so I'll try and stop by. Thanks Rick.

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                You have to try Sheila's Famous In lake Worth There on s.dixie hwy. I luv this place. The phone # is 561-951-223 best pulled pork I have found..

      2. Speaking of Q, I hit Jack's on Oakland Park Blvd last Saturday.

        One thing is for sure: Their collard greens are the best I've ever had anywhere anytime. I don't know what they steam them in but that is some awesome flavor. Not too salty not too sweet, just perfect. I wonder if it's some msg type stuff, it was that good that I'm almost suspicous of "foul play"!

        Jack's Bar-B-Q Smokehouse
        500 E Oakland Park Blvd
        Oakland Park, FL 33334
        (954) 567-9595

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          Indeed, man. Btw, there's a lot of BBQ cooks out there slipping a little MSG into sauces and such. And lately I've heard a lot of debate over the negative effects of the much maligned flavor enhancer. This article is a couple years old but worth a read:

          1. re: johnmlinn

            great read about msg thank you
            also I have eaten at troy's in boynton once good bbq but the wait was 30 min for the food to come to the window. I never got the sense that cared if the sold bbq or not.
            BTW doed antbody remember Bahama Smokehouse in Delray beach

          2. re: CFByrne

            Yes, Jack's BBQ's collards kick booty! But their bbq sauces have 'too awesome' of a flavor. They almost must have msg in them. I've never tasted such great sauces but can't put my finger on why they are so good. Ribs are very well smoked as I like them but a bit dry. Re-heating them with some apple juice worked great for my take homes. I like Jack's much better than Tom Jenkins.

          3. Yesterday was my BBQ NIGHTMARE!!! Has it ever happened to you?

            2pm we start thinking about dinner. Hmmm maybe get some takeout Q, come home and watch the Mets / Marlins game at 6PM on TV. Sounds like a plan!

            We had to go shopping down to Glades in Boca, so I'm thinking take the easy route and get the Q at Whole Foods. They've got a smoker and it's actually pretty good. "Oh, they got rid of the Q section at WF" my wife says. OK no problem, I'll just head up to Troy's.

            So at 6PM I drive up to Troy's with my mouth watering, and you know what happens, right? I pull in and it's closed, not a car in sight, no sign. Easter weekend? Who knows. Anyway, Darn! OK, it could be worse. I'll just shoot down a few blocks to Rufus's - I know that's open on Saturday!

            3 minutes later I pull into Rufus's. Yay - they are open!!! This is going to be a GREAT night now. Until...

            "Oh hi, sorry, we are sold out. Everything's gone."


            I briefly considered getting take out from Lucille's but by now the whole idea was somewhat ruined and I figured anyway if I went there it probably will have just burned down or something. :-)

            So Plan E went into effect. I went to Publix, got a pound of 16-20 shrimp on sale for $5.99 and made Shrimp Scampi/Linguine at home.

            Oh and then the finale...

            The Mets / Marlins game was blacked out on TV. So we couldn't watch it. OK, not a problem, we have this Netflix DVD we've been waiting to watch: Australia.

            We put it in and after a half hour decide it stinks and well,

            I think I'm just going to start fresh on Sunday with some new plans.


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              CFByrne,, You were so close to Hurricane Alley in Boynton. Ocean Ave just west of US #1. That would have been my choice after so many failed attempts.

              1. re: CFByrne

                No matter how desperate I got, I would never turn to Lucille's. Your charcoal grill with hamburgers and Kraft BBQ sauce blow that place away.

                1. re: freakerdude

                  "I briefly considered getting take out from Lucille's ... I figured anyway if I went there it probably will have just burned down or something..."

                  As long as no one was injured, this couldn't be a bad thing. XD

                2. re: CFByrne

                  I just came across a review of Rufus Ribs on Clean Plate Charlie (not me) from about a year ago. He talks about some amazing wild hog dish they have once in a while. Anyone had this?


                  1. re: CFByrne

                    Try Sheila's Famous.They are open 7day's a week the bbq,is really good aways fresh when we go there. It's in the south end of Lake Worth. The # there is 561-951-2723 Really good food there.

                  2. I recently came across a Red's Backwoods BBQ ad on this site. Has anyone ever been? They opened in Boca in 1998 and then in WPB on Northlake west of the Bee Line Expwy. in 2000. I can't believe I have never even heard about this place. And they serve Brunswick stew.


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                    1. re: freakerdude

                      Red's isnt anything special IMO, but talking about trucks on the side of the road, if you go more north to 45th st and head east on the north side there is a BBQ place about 1 mile east of 95. They are closet Mondays and Sundays I believe. I have had real good Pulled Pork, there sauces are real good as well, Ask for the Twister sauce Nice tangy and hot

                          1. re: johnmlinn

                            johnmlinn, since I know you from your posts/reviews here and at brwrdpb, and suspecting you are in the Ft Laud. area, I would say only if you are in the area. Maybe you could make a dual pit stop to C&C BBQ in WPB then head up to McCray's II since they are both close to I-95.

                            My McCray's review:


                            1. re: freakerdude

                              Chowhound links

                              Mccray's II Backyard Bar BQ
                              1521 45th St West, Palm Beach, FL

                              C & C Barbeque
                              4001 S Dixie Hwy West, Palm Beach, FL

                              1. re: freakerdude

                                Cool, thank you both. I'll make a BBQ day of it next time I'm up there and hit those two. :-D

                          2. re: freakerdude

                            Right, I thought that was the name, but wasnt sure. and Yes I think it is worth the trip IMO. Had no idea they had a web site!

                      1. Local Q hounds may want to check out Bedner's Farm Stand on 441, 3 miles north of Atlantic Ave, in west Boynton. Yes, a Farm Stand for BBQ!

                        On Sat and Sun they now have a guy there with a smoker set up, sellings ribs, pulled pork and some sides. Very friendly bunch, I noted he had on a "Florida Pro BBQ Association" T shirt or something like that.

                        I was about to have dinner at home - so I only grabbed a pulled pork sandwich, it was very good. As I was eating it, it was getting late and so he came over and said "here, try a rib too". Yum.

                        Bedner's is a great place regardless for produce, they also have a home made ice-cream stand and all kinds of stuff that make this something of a Foodies destination. Chairs are out on the front porch, their cute mute Junior will welcome you too. Check them out on the web, they are also on Facebook.

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                        1. re: CFByrne

                          BTW Bedner's just posted on Facebook " Three B's BBQ will be back again this weekend. They will be selling their pulled pork by the pound if you are interested."

                          1. re: CFByrne

                            They've now got a more-or-less permanent BBQ set up at Bedners - it's quite a display of iron and wood and cool stuff like that ;-) I believe they're going to be open every weekend day. Would love to hear an expert review. As I mentioned above, if you go on appearances alone they would seem to have a good idea of what they are doing.
                            PS: BTW Major Typo in post above!
                            "Their cute mute Junior will greet you" should have been "mutt". Ooops.

                            1. re: CFByrne

                              OOooo I can't wait to go! Something always keeps coming up and I forget! I wonder if they're going to do it today - not a Sunday - but a holiday. I wish!

                              1. re: OysterHo

                                Bedners BBQ is taking a break until September, Instead they will have The Rolling Stove truck there which is not too shabby food.

                                1. re: CFByrne

                                  I saw that - and saw you 'like' it too! :) I'm going to TRY for this weekend when I go get my produce. :)

                                  1. re: CFByrne

                                    The BBQ truck is back at Bedner's this Saturday, September 24th with a new name "Porky and Beth's BBQ" and a web site They'll be selling pulled pork sandwiches for $4.00 (reg. $5.50) and they've expanded their menu.

                                    They're "open Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 until food's gone"

                                    1. re: RickL

                                      Hmmm....sounds worthy of a road trip.

                                      1. re: RickL

                                        I made it out to Porky and Beth's BBQ today at Bedner's. This farmers market is a really nice place. Outside was Porky and Beth's BBQ trailer along with the Rolling Stove. Their trailer (and possibly the smokers) are brand spanking new and it was pretty busy.

                                        I tried the pork sandwich plate and asked for 2 ribs on the side to try. The pork was shredded and had a small amount of sauce on it. The sandwich was kind of small but the sandwich with 2 sides was only around $8.50. Pork sandwich was pretty good but I don't care for the shredded pork variety.

                                        They have 2 sauces and they only make the spicy version. Mac n cheese was decent but needed more cheese, just as pikilz said. But the baked beans were some of the best I have had in a long time. They must add apples to their beans since I was fairly sure I tasted it.

                                        The ribs were the highlight of my visit. Perfectly smoked, nice pink ring, a light dry rub, and very juicy. The latter was a big surprise since it is rare to have a perfectly smoked juicy rib. Maybe I just caught the perfect timing on that batch. Smoke flavor was spot on for Q. The meat was perfect in texture as it was not fall off the bone and left a bite mark imprint. I still pulled mine off the bone though. These ribs do not need sauce but a bit more flavor from the rub would have been nice.

                                        Overall, this is the 2nd best rib I have had since moving here 3.5 years ago. Skip the pork BBQ sandwich and go for the ribs here. I would imagine their brisket to be good as well. Chicken and even homemade sausage is available. How does a jalapeno and cheddar cheese sausage sound?

                                        The owner, Robert aka Porky, came out and asked if everthing was up to par. I complimented him and we talked a bit about local BBQ. I will definitely be back.

                                        "Our goal at Porky and Beth’s BBQ is for you to eat the best BBQ ribs, chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket, and sausage that you have ever eaten. We use different rubs, seasoning, and sauces during the cooking process to accomplish our goal. If you would like to talk BBQ stop in and say “Hello”. "

                                        1. re: freakerdude

                                          Freaker, I have to concur with you on the Rib's I had them before the closed down last season, and couldn't wait for them to reopen for their ribs. Glad to see you enjoyed them as well.

                                          1. re: freakerdude

                                            If they were 2nd best, who had the best?

                                            1. re: Alfred G

                                              That would be the short lived Austin's BBQ in Hobe Sound. He really knew how to smoke some BBQ in every respect.

                                              I forgot to say that P&B's ribs do not have any bark to them, but that is fine with me since they are smoked properly. They do have a light rub and if they added a bit more, no sauce whatsoever would be needed.

                                            2. re: freakerdude

                                              So glad the experts here are raving about Porky and Beth's Q. I feel relieved and vindicated.After all, Rib Bizz was the previous place I had recommended! (Although, as someone pointed out, my initial comments focused more on the collard greens than the ribs).