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Feb 7, 2009 01:43 PM

Vegetarian in Winston Salem?

I'm taking a vegetarian colleague to dinner and am new to WS. Any recommendations? Needn't be an entirely vegetarian restaurant (are there any in WS?), but would like a place that at least puts some thought into their vegetarian options. I assume the local Indian restaurants (Nawab, Turmeric, Golden India are the ones I've heard of) would have a good selection; any preferences? Ethnic is fine, but not required -- really just looking for something good.

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  1. of the indian places turmeric is nice though I have a soft spot for golden the atmo at turmeric is better. i would try milners. Most place unfortunately will only have one vegitarian entree. Your companion may be forced to cobble together a meal from the appetizers( not a bad option) or the sides. try for many of the menus

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      La Botana has quite a few vegetarian choices, though it's pretty casual. Finnigan's Wake on Trade St. also has some, though the service is chronically bad. Turmeric is a good choice, too.

      Very nice atmosphere + some vegetarian entrees but also higher prices = Mozelle's.

    2. Quazi, Lilyanna -- Thanks very much for the ideas. Would I have better luck if I included Greensboro as an option?

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        without a doubt. You can add saigon, bistro sophia and others.

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          You could also add Bobo House. Totally vegetarian.

          But I'd like to put in another good word for Mozelle's. Nice atmosphere, a great improvement of many nearby downtown restaurants and their generic feel! But, if you're looking for ethnic, that it is not.

          In Greensboro, there's also Liberty Oak (though the duck pate is really good..not what you are looking for, but check out the rest of the menu: Oh, and Sticks and Stones for very good pizza, salads and NC brews.

          Of course, for vegetarian-friendly lunch and brunch, there's Mary's Of Course (back in WS). Quazi and I didn't mention it because they don't serve dinner. At least I'm pretty sure that's why he wouldn't.