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Feb 7, 2009 12:51 PM

The Food Court at Jet Blue Terminal

Has anyone had experiences at the new food court??

I see there is a Spanish, Italian and a steak place. I have a few hours to kill at the airport and I was hoping for some advice.

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  1. The NYT did a review (in passing) of three of the JetBlue food court options - they discuss Deep Blue, La Vie and Piquillo.

    1. Ate at Deep Blue last month. It was not a good experience. Food was mediocre at best. Service was awful. I sat and watched my SO eat because my meal never arrived. Neither did my drink. We could not, for the life of us, flag down a server. Overpriced too. Skip it.

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        Have only been to the new terminal once and that was @ 5:00 AM catching the first flight out. At the old terminal there was a vendor named Cibo that had decent wraps/sandwiches/salads and some other interesting specialty food items. They also carry imported beers ( Beck's Dark etc. ). While the pricing is airport style, it's not that bad.
        I would think there might be one at the new terminal.
        Get a massage with your extra time.

      2. I've eaten at the Latin place, Revolucion, a couple of times. Once I had the carnitas or some kind of steak dish that was quite heavy & suprisingly highly flavored (very garlicky, I think); all in all it was satisfying. That same time there was some strange problem in the kitchen & the dish took over 45 minutes to arrive - they need to get that together considering they're serving to time-pressed air travelers - but I'm thrilled that there is this dining option now (and others).

        1. I've tried Piquillo, the tapas place, a few weeks ago before my flight and the food was surprisingly good. Just ordered 2 small plates, Garbanzo with Blood Sausage and Red Wine Stewed Oxtail. A nice lil place to sit and have a drink and have small bites, food is recommended. And the decor is nice.

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            What are the prices like at Piquillo?