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Feb 7, 2009 12:46 PM

Best Restaurant in Red Bank with Liquor License?

All of my favs in Red Bank are BYO...Dish, Thyme Square etc.....Need to make reservations for dinner tonight in downtown Red Bank at some place that has a liquor license...I know Teak & The Bistro are 2 options but neither one interests me.... have never eaten at Red? Any thoughts on the food?

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  1. If you can go a short distance from downtown, consider Restaurant Nicholas.

    FYI... I believe Thyme Square has closed.

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    1. re: val ann c

      Thyme Sq. has closed. I've eaten at Red once and it was very good. Would go back.

      1. re: Papa Bing

        I'm sorry to hear about Thyme Sq...we ended up at Red and really enjoyed it. however the dining room is VERY noisy....

        1. re: stack_c

          I would have advised eating at the Italian place on maple street - of course, the name escapes me right now. Buona Sera. There it is!

          Red has good food, but I would have advised Teak in the back room, due to the noise at Red.

          1. re: aacharya

            Buona Sera has a beautiful dining room, but all the stone and glass coupled with the bar scene make it pretty noisy, especially on the weekends.

            1. re: equal_Mark

              if you avoid it, DON'T sit upstairs at buona sera... loud, hot and you sometimes find yourself all but forgotten by the staff....

    2. It is already Feb 11 2009 and your post was on Feb 7 2009…so where did you end up going? I know that it is a bit late that I am writing about Red now….

      We had dinner in Red, one Sunday in the middle of Jan 2009 and it was our first time there! The ambience is simple, with high ceilings but quite dark! We were there at about 6:00 pm “fashionably too early for dinner” but there were people eating already. My husband and I had a drink, we ordered some cocktail and they were nice but not particularly impressive, so I cannot remember what we actually ordered.

      For appetizer, I got the Steamed Little Neck Clams, it was nicely prepared, with white beans and roasted pepper. My husband got duck as appetizer, it came with the smoked duck breast and duck confit, I believe that there was some kind of vinaigrette on it too. I do not normally eat duck, so I just have to take the word of my husband that they were very good. For entrée, my husband and I had, seared sea scallops and rack of lamb, respectively. The scallops were fresh and it was served with fennel and I enjoyed them. As for the lamb, my husband said that the pesto which went with the lamb was excellent. Besides, he was very satisfied with the perfect “medium rare” status of the lamb. We also ordered two side dishes, creamed spinach and butter gnocchi, they were ok but they were a bit too much for us! Forgot to mention about the bread, they were good and I like their pear butter. To me, if a place goes that extra mile to serve something, it deserves the credit. We did not have dessert, just the coffee since we were rather full.

      If you are a wine lover and lives locally, I think that being their Wine Club Member is not a bad idea. You receive a 50% of any bottle of wine if you dine there on Tuesday and on the other day, a 25% off for the other days…I believe that there are other benefits including a complimentary bottle of wine after 10 visits….I do not have all the information since my husband got the card and the details with him and I am writing this on my lunch break! I remember seeing something about wine and cheese tasting on their menu but I do not think that it is shown on the online menu….if I remember correctly, there is a selection of cheese and one can enjoy that with the wine.

      There was also live jazz that night when we were there, whether that is an plus or minus, that really depends on your mood. The service we received was good and we had a nice time! By the time we were leaving(about 8:00pm), there were more people coming in….despite it was a cold day with flurries…We will be back!