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Feb 7, 2009 12:28 PM

Where can I buy passionfruit in OC?

I've been in love with passionfruit since a visit to Fiji, but I haven't been able to find it at any markets. Anyone know a place that carries the fruit?


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  1. Maybe in the Vietnamese markets.

    1. When they are in season I have seen them at Whole Foods and Bristol Farms.

      1. You can buy frozen pulp in Mexican markets, where it's often called maracuy√°, and some Asian markets. Fresh fruit, in season, at those places as well. Try Thai Son fruit market at Bolsa and Magnolia, Northgate Gonz√°lez markets all over north OC, or Sieu Thi Thuan Phat on Beach just north of the 405.

        1. After spending a few years in South Africa during the fall of apartheid and being knocked under my chair from the absolute joy of drinking fresh "granadilla" juice every morning, I am HAUNTED by passion fruit. Since then, I get a close kick from Cere's Passion Fruit juice. It's in Ralphs and pretty darned delicious. Cere's is a South African juice company that comes in those vaccum packed boxes. All their juices are excellent and exotic fruits.

          1. One of the very best markets for fruits and vegetables is Super King on Magnolia & Cerritos. Huge variety and really excellent prices. I believe I saw passion fruit there a few weeks ago. Just today I saw 12 limes for 99 cents!!! And not itsy bitsy ones like in Food For Less. And large beautiful lemons 7 for 99 cents. Two heads of lettuce...99 cents. The place is just awesome. Not to get off track on the passion fruit. But I get so excited about this market...A five pack of huge thick boneless skinless chicken breasts for $7.54!!! Imported Berloti cold pressed extra virgin olive oil...1 litre bottle...$5.79, and when on sale as low as $4.29 & even down to $3.99!!!