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Feb 7, 2009 11:26 AM

M & M Soul Food, which one is the orginal locale for LA?

is the centinela location near Dinah's fried chicken pretty good?


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  1. Centinela is my favorite M and M's. Some things are way too salty for my taste but the chicken is a good bet and the sides are terrific though the yams are too sweet. Corn muffins!

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    1. re: corydon

      do they also make fried, cajun, and or grilled snapper or catfish.

      what sides are good? and what sides don't have too much salt in them.????

      if it's too salty, or even close to too salty i might have to stay away.

    2. I'm not sure I could eat at any restaurant other than Pann's in that neighborhood. Those biscuits are just too good.

      BTW, Pann's also has crisp, tender, and juicy fried chicken. My chief complaint is that the meat under the lovely crust lacks salt, but that may suit some people.

      1. I just went this sunday and it was delicious.

        As far as i know the Centinela location is the original one.

        1. this place is the BEST! the portions are huge which is great.. the cornbread muffins that come w/ your meal are so super tasty! I also love the fried chicken and the short ribs are tender goodness. my fav sides are mac n' cheese, rice and gravy, greens, corn.. hmm everything! enjoy!!!

          1. The original M & M was on 95th and Avalon, in South Central not far from Wattr . It was the best one, had a great rough roadhouse feel to it. the food was so tasty. but they closed down a year or two ago.

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            1. re: duffyeater

              you're right that was the original. i remember it on avalon near watts.

              so it closed down? darnit.

              that's the one i wanted to go to.

              does anyone know if Red's Cafe in South LA, near Downtwon, closed down too?