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Feb 7, 2009 11:20 AM

How is the Recession affecting your relationship with food??

from not at all to your appetite and food interest?? how often you eat out?? what you eat?? what and how much you buy at the supermkt? your portion sizes at home??

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  1. My heightened awareness of the value of my dollar is forcing me to be more inventive and creative. It's (at least for me) easy to get comfortable in a rut of the usual things I cook and eat. I've already switched to buying whole carrots and peeling/slicing them myself and other similar practices. I'm choosing more from the bulk bins (gravity one only, of course) for things like cereal now. I have become more selective in what organic products I buy. I have also switched to entertaining at home instead of meeting at restaurants more often. Right now my brother and I are considering splitting the cost of a Costco Membership. Oh, and I have tried to cut back on my bread consumption, for dietary reasons as well. This. May. Be. The. Hardest...!

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      1. As a freelance writer, I tend to act like there's a recession even when times are flush. So if anything, the only difference for me is that we're actually eating out *more* than we used to, to make sure that our neighborhood favorites are getting some business.

        1. Avoiding packaged snack foods (anything in individual portions, like those 100 calorie packs is an especially bad value). Not buying stuff until it's really needed (example - only one flavor of preserves in the fridge, no buying any more flavors until it's done). Especially with "non essentials" waiting until the item is on sale. Really focusing on not letting produce get bad so I toss it out, wastefully...making lots of soup. Trying to cut back on animal protein portions (stealth method to fool carnivore hubby is stir fry with half chicken and half tofu). Stocked freezer with chicken when it was 50% off.
          When my husband and I go out to eat it's more likely to be pizza, since that is good, abundant, and reasonable in my neighborhood. Trying to eat at family-owned places as much as possible when we do go out once a week. Noticed that I don't feel good about indulgent meals (business lunches) now that we are tightening down the finances on a personal level.

          1. No difference in my usual habits, but I am going on vacation next week and in my restaurant research the $150 tasting menus are a lot less attractive than they used to be. For example, my food budget for a week in NYC 2 years ago was $200 a day (which made for a lot of amazing food & tasting menus), my food budget for 12 days in Australia is going to be closer to half that; in truth I'll probably go over, but I'm thinking about only two or three high end dinners for the whole trip instead of almost every night. Even with a good exchange rate, restaurants with $50 mains and $20 desserts seem a little much. I'm pretty sure I'll have this job until my contract is finished this summer, but after that I may be scrounging for decent employment - I'm a pastry chef, and unfortunately we are sometimes seen as less essential to the operation.