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Feb 7, 2009 11:12 AM

brunch in Hell's Kitchen

looking for brunch in the 47th ST & 9th ave area ;good bloood mary helpful
thanx gt

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  1. Had a great and cheap brunch at Roberto Passon at 9th and 50th last weekend. Bloody Mary's were decent and only $8 for all of them you can drink with brunch.

    1. Marseille, on the corner of 9th & 44th, serves very good food in an attractive, bustling brasserie setting. Since I don't drink, I can't vouch for the Bloody Marys.

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        Their "Moroccan Bloody Mary", seasoned with a touch of cumin and spiked with harissa, is one of my favorite versions. Good brunch choices, too (I like the merguez scramble).

        We've also enjoyed brunch at Toloache on 50th between Bway and 8th. Mexican style brunch (particularly liked the huaraches), and solid margaritas (didn't have a Bloody Mary there, though).

      2. Etcetera Etcetera does really good italian as well as solid brunch food. Staff are really friendly and it's not usually too busy

        1. Film Center Cafe, on 9th around 44th, has very good food and bloodies. It's around $8-10 for AYCD (less than $20 total with food). Their frozen margs are particularly potent. HK on 9th alsohas a very good brunch with good bloodies.