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Feb 7, 2009 10:45 AM

Has anyone been to these places??

If so could you give me an idea of prices for dinner and what you thought of them??

Trattoria San Giacomo in Bellagio

L'Antico Pozzo Restaurant in Bellagio

La Fontana Di Gramatica Brunella in Bellagio

Al Veluu in Tremezzo, Lake Como

Bar Gelateria Helvetia in Tremezzo, Lake Como

Any recommendations for a superb lake view dinner?

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  1. My wife and I stayed at an apartment above L' Antico Pozzo in '05 and ate there a couple of times. I remember the risotto being particularly good. I'l check my records and let you know what we paid, but I remember it being about mid-level for Bellagio. I'll also send you a couple of other places we enjoyed.

    We also had lunch at Trattoria San Giacomo, which is a very traditional trattoria in the nearby town of San Giacomo. If you go make sure you try the smoked lake fish.

    1. YES! San Giacomo is one of my all-time faves!
      I've recommended it previously on this board, just do a search.

      1. Al Veluu has a great rep, but you will nee to take a taxi or have a car. On your other thread, we talked about Silvio; I would head there for great food and a lake view. Just outside Bellagio center, but within walking distance.

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          So I have good responses on dilvio and san giacomo....i need one more suggestion....preferrably about 50 euros per person for dinner...cozy and romantic

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            I am not sure that I would call Silvio cozy and romantic. Will you have a car or not?

            Our lunch there, by the way, cost 82 euro for three of us. This included a shared main course. Fifty euro per person would go a long way if you are careful with wines. I think you will pay a premium if you dine in the center of Bellagio. If you want truly local fare, there are quite a few places in the general area, on the same peninsula but not in town. I can try to dig up some names if you are interested. For example, I have this place on my list for next time:


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              Barchetta in Bellagio would fit that description, but it would be more than 50 Euro a person. I would recommend Alla Darsena, which is in the neighboring town of Loppia. It's cozy and the tables are right on a quiet area of the lake.

              When you're in Bellagio, make sure you stop by Cava Turicciolo (this spelling may be a little off), which is a wine bar located right off the main lakefront street in Bellagio. The owners are very nice and extremely knowledgeable about Italian wines, particularly the wines of Lombardia.