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Feb 7, 2009 10:28 AM

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Sightings

I am eagerly awaiting the new year round offering from Sierra Nevada here in Michigan. Has anyone seen it in the wild yet away from the brewery?

If so where are you at in the US?

Also what do you think? I see Beer Advocate has it in the "A" range so the chowhounds agree?

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  1. It's been available for a few weeks here in Las Vegas, at every store who carries the SN beers, and that's pretty much everywhere. If you don't have it yet you should shortly.

    As for what I think of it: Hopheads will love it. It's a typical SN brew, solid and smooth but with an even bigger hop profile than their other offerings. I'm not much of a hophead myself, and prefer their ESB seasonal beer, of which the '09 batch came out at the same time as Torpedo. I feel it's a better balanced brew, and even smoother than the Torpedo. That said, I do feel Torpedo is one of the better all around hoppy brews out there, especially compared to some of the over the top hop bombs that are out there. Also, as with most SN beers it's priced very reasonably so you get a pretty nice bang for your buck.

    Once you finally get a chance to try some please report back and let us know what you think. Cheers!

    1. I just bought some the other day. I live in CT. Great IPA...very balanced..more so than the DFH 60MIn. Agreed with the fair pricing. $8 for a six.

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      1. re: triggs73

        Could you please describe what makes it more balanced than DFH60?


        1. re: Chinon00

          I would not call it more balanced than DFH60. I think it has a much more pronounced hop profile.

          1. re: Bobfrmia

            You think so and great!...I thought that DFH had more bitterness on the finish and the Torpedo was solid from beginning to end. Not overly bitter, not overly hoppy. I'm actually drinking one right now, 4:45PM @ room temp. Great nose, dry finish. Now I think that DFH has a more pronounced nose. Oops...ok there is the bitterness...and probably some of my lunch. Always hits on the way back up!

          2. re: Chinon00

            You weren't asking me, but I'd say the malt peeks through more in the Torpedo than it does in the 60 Minute. They're both fine IPAs, though.

          3. re: triggs73

            To offer a counterpoint, I think Torpedo was too sweet and gets too cloying after it warms up a bit. Needs a little more bitterness/roughness to ride out the sweet malt and sweet/fruity hop flavor imo. Could use a bit more hop aroma for my liking as well.

          4. I'm finding it easily enough in Maryland. I'm an admitted fan of hops, and think it's quite good. If I was doing a BA review, I'd call it B+ or A-. Well worth seeking out.

            1. SN has another real winner in its Torpedo is available sporadically around the Triangle region of NC.
              It is a Hop Heads dream.......I don't believe SN woould have introduced Torpedo as a year round if it felt this wasn't a real competitor with all the Hop Beasts on the market.
              For the price point of $8.99 a six ($7.99 on sale ) this will replace the SN Pale Ale as my mainstay brew.........I love Bell's Two Hearted, Stone IPA, but the price point for the comparable quality can't be beat........I wouldn't conscience purchasing a Stone Ruination for $15.99 a six now that Torpedo is here.......possibly even the Bell's Hopslam at $16.99,,well worth trying but prohibitive.....I am no where near well versed in the nuance of breaking down the subtle differences (or not so subtle) of the variety of hop flavor profiles, but I can say that I feel this offering will garner much acclaim as it's availability stabilizes troughout the country.

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              1. re: Saddleoflamb

                Well, I would classify myself as a hop head and its no dream to me. As far as hops are considered, Celebration is still king in their lineup to me.

              2. Got it here in GA. It's some really good chit.