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Feb 7, 2009 08:48 AM

E-Noodle Cafe, Roseville/St Paul (?) MN

In our ongoing vegan adventure, the girlfriend and I checked out this place right off the intersecton of Rice and Larpenteur on the boundry between STP and roseville. As far as i can tell there have been no previous mentions of this place on CH, though they had a Pioneer Press review up on the wall and a couple of favorable Yelp reviews (which is where i found it).

Its not particularly exceptional, and cant rival Little Schezuan for authenticity, but it was a very solid, family run place with exactly what we were looking for: veg/vegan options (though there is meat on the menu as well) value pricing and friendly service. We stopped in a couple fridays ago and the place was totally empty (its rather small to begin with) but two other groups came in while we were eating. We tried the Schezuan Sauce triple delight which had three different fake meats in it - the beef analog was quite good with an excellent texture/taste, the tofu was good, if somewhat unexceptional, and i enjoyed the mock pork strips, though my girlfriend found them a bit chewy and wheat-ey. We also ordered a veggie lo-mein and an appetizer which invovled won ton wrappers fried with seaweed in a sweet sesame sauce -interesting but not sure id order it again, the girlfriend was a fan, though. Price-wise its a real deal, all the entrees come in either plate-type sizes with a side of rice (think bravo bakery/cafe) for about 6 bucks, or in quart sized containers for 9-11. We got a lot of food for right around 20 bucks. There were a number of other preparations for what seemed like a wider variety of mock-meats than bravo carries, and we will likely check back and try some of them. Bravo! is closer to us (the similarities are numerous, esp the family atmosphere and veg-friendliness) and E-noodle doesnt deliver (not surprising given insurance overheads) so we wont likely become frequent regulars, but it was nice finding a good vegan option (all the veggie items are vegan) nearish to rosedale, and i thought id share the find with the board. Has anyone else tried any of the other items on their menu and just not posted? Id be curious to hear about other experiences.

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  1. Link: (apparently its on the St Paul side of the border, according to the places link)

    E Noodle Cafe
    1711 Rice St, Saint Paul, MN 55113

    1. I went there the other day on the recommendation of a friend. I enjoyed it but I am a fan of the mock-meats. I think I liked the faux-pork best, though I can't be sure which one that was. I had the triple delights in house spicy sauce which was nice. I also had the Taiwanese squid soup which was lovely though the squid was a little chewier than I like. The restaurant is Taiwanese so there are several things on the menu that are specialties. I agree that it is somewhat similar to Bravo and also to Evergreen Chinese.

      A little out of the way but I am sure I'll go back at some point soon.

      1. Thanks for the review. It has inspired me to try again to find E-Noodle. I've tried twice to go, but have failed miserably. Alas, I have a terrible sense of direction.

        On my last attempt, I found a very droopy-looking three-business strip mall, with a gas station across the street. Was I in the right area?


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          If the places link isnt enough - its towards the north end (maybe second from the end?) of the strip mall at the northwest corner of rice and larpenteur. coming from mpls on larp you would turn left at rice and take the first driveway/entrance on your left. there is a non-chain drugstore in the same strip mall.

          1. re: AnneInMpls

            Don't feel bad, Anne, I got lost on my first couple of tries, too. I think you were near'ish.


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              Its in the strip mall that houses SETZER (think Brian from the Stray Cats) DRUGS and PAWN AMERICA on the WEST side of Rice St.Its on the corner of Rice and Larpentuer....

          2. FYI, my husband and I tried to go to E-Noodle Cafe today, but they're closed on Mondays. Hopefully it won't happen to anyone else. :)