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Feb 7, 2009 08:27 AM

Quiet coffee shop/bar for a business meeting downtown

Hi all. I'm meeting a couple of clients tomorrow to go over a contract. We need a quiet place where we can get a table, have coffee and discuss things. My first thought was a Starbuck's, which would've fit the bill except that there's no guarantee of getting a table, which is a must.
A couple of qualifiers; they'll be driving so if it's near parking, that would be better and they're bringing along a baby (they're a couple) so though they assure me the child is quiet, somewhere not too stodgy, just in case the kid does act up. As always, many thanks!

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  1. Faema at Christie/Dupont would fit that bill - plenty of free parking, spacious, fairly quiet cafe with unobtrusive service...

    1. Oro Cafe in Distillery. Free parking, lots of space, good food, near the Gardiner.

      1. if they are driving from the east end I would suggest Simple Cafe @ Queen East and Leslie (just east of the beer store) ... free parking on the street. They have a middle room with a couple of tables that are private and the place is very kid & stroller friendly. they also have free WiFi if needed...

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          b! espresso bar at Queen/Church. You can book the booth if it's not already taken for brunch.

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              On the advice of the concierge at the Park Hyatt and notwithstanding the excellent advice I got here, we met at Barmercurio at Bloor/St.George. It fit the bill perfectly. I didn't eat so I can't comment on the food, but the service and atmosphere were perfect for what I wanted. The adults were able to get down to business and junior's noisemaking was taken in perfect stride by staff and guests alike.
              If you're ever in the position I found myself in; you need a place conducive to business but child friendly as well, I'd definitely recommend it. To put it another way; neither a laptop nor a cookie monster doll were out of place at the table.

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                Although too late for Ziggy, if anyone else ever needs same, Spot Coffee in the CityPlace complex across from the Rogers Centre is great. When I lived there, I used to bring my laptop (free wireless) to study. It was always quiet, and there are comfy booths in the back. The wild mushroom/truffle oil pizza is to die for, and they serve Clafouti croissants. Lattes are very bitter, but they have Mighty Leaf teas.