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Feb 7, 2009 07:30 AM

ISO Chili Recipe

Got a rainy weekend, so planning on making up a mess of chili. Getting information overload on chowhound/internet, and the magazines seem only to have turkey and vegetarian recipes. Any suggestions for a particularly good one. Thinking spice and w/ beans, but not much beyond that.

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  1. Do a search for "Al Roker's Chili"....I make it all the time...I think I first found it in Bon is a well balanced, slightly spicy and chunky does have beans....which I love for their flavor and texture...but purists sometimes turn up their noses...

    1. How is 'particularly good' different from recent threads asking from 'best' and 'favorite' chili recipes?

      What meat do you intend to use? Will you use tomato? What chile powder, or dried chiles do you have? Do you have spices like cumin and Mexican oregano? What beans?

      1. I'm a huge proponent of not using Western Chili powder in any food. Ground chile, I use all the time, but chili powder (the blend of spices (mostly salt and cumin,) usually ruins food for me. Use your OWN sep spices, and toast them before use. Your food will always taste cleaner and more flavorful than using some mixture of someone else's spices that has been sitting around for who knows how long. So, if a recipe calls for chilI powder, omit it and replace it with a blend of fresh toasted cumin, some of your own ground chiles - (whichever ones you enjoy - I tend to like a layered heat and usually use ancho, guajillo, and pequin.)

        1. Like Gordeau, I favor powdered chilis over Chili Powder, you can adjust the lvels of heat and flavors more easily. I use ancho, negro, and guajilla a lot. And cumin. Toast them in a dry skillet before adding to the meat.

          Most western chile does not contain beans. That's a mid-western/east coast perversion <grin>. If you're making Texas Red, use diced beef, tomatoes, spices, and a corn tortilla shredded as thickener. For Chile Verde use diced pork or chicken, tomatillos or green tomatoes, fresh poblano chilis, your spice blend, and a tortilla.